There’s A Halal-Certified Food Court In Tampines - Here Are 8 Awesome Stalls To Check Out


Faruq Senin •  Jan 20, 2022

What we absolutely love about Singapore’s food culture is its food courts and hawker centres. With so many stalls serving different cuisines in one place, you can enjoy a wide variety of food options with your loved ones ? Good news for those living in the east - there’ll soon be a fully halal-certified food court at Century Square in Tampines. We’re talking about The Food Market by Food Junction! The food court recently added a few new stalls, which has a refreshing mix of local and international cuisines and are in the process of getting their halal certification. What’s more, it has also touched up its interior to resemble a bustling food marketplace. The decor incorporates elements from various markets around the world. With European, Asian and Middle Eastern influences, you’ll feel like you’re transported overseas. Wondering what you can expect at The Food Market? We’ve rounded up 8 stalls you can look forward to! 

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The Food Market by Food Junction at Century Square has a new look and is on its way to becoming fully halal-certified 

1. What You Do Prata & Why You Sizzle Mee (New Stall)

If you’re craving for prata or just need some yummy comfort food, What You Do Prata has got you covered! They have an all new menu and you can savour their pratas which are fried to a perfect crisp. Delight your taste buds with their signature dish, Prata with Mala Gravy or enjoy the Chicken Set that includes 2 plain pratas, chicken curry and frothy teh tarik. If you’re planning to share with your loved ones, get the Family Set which has 2 plain pratas, 2 egg pratas, chicken or sardine murtabak, fish curry, chicken curry and 4 teh tarik. ?

But it’s not only pratas that you can enjoy. The same stall also houses Why You Sizzle Mee, which offers a variety of meat and seafood dishes, prepared using cast iron hot plates to keep the sizzle in their food! This ensures that the dish remains warm and tasty so diners can savour the food at their own pace. Sauces are also developed in-house and they are specially concocted to bring out the natural flavours and aromas of the meats. Their must-tries are their Hot Plate Braised Chicken Ee Mee, Hot Plate Chicken Cutlet Ee Mee and Hot Plate Curry Chicken Rice. 

Halal status: In the process of halal certification

2. Quench! by Ke (New Stall)

Need a pick-me-up on a hot day? Cool yourself down with Quench! by Ke’s awesome dessert offerings! Dig into their signature Sea Salt Chendol or enjoy the rich, creamy Sea Salt Caramel Avo blended smoothie. Looking for something interesting instead? Their Instagram-worthy Coco Cloud is just what you need. This beverage resembles clear blue skies and it has fresh coconut juice, pulp and luscious coconut ice cream. Not only does it look good, it tastes good as well. Don’t miss out on Quench! by Ke’s Kopi Slush and other fruit blended smoothies too! 

Halal status: In the process of halal certification

3. Warung Penyet (New Stall)

If you’re looking for authentic Indonesian cuisine, Warung Penyet has got you covered! The stall specialises in ayam penyet (smashed fried chicken) and a wide range of other chicken and seafood dishes which are fried and grilled to perfection. Enjoy the taste of their Signature Ayam Penyet, a traditional Indonesian dish where crispy fried chicken is smashed while it’s hot in order to tenderise the meat. Their Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken) and Ikan Penyet (smashed fish) are must-try dishes too. Don’t miss out on their homemade chilli for that extra punch. It’s made with a secret homemade recipe using spices that are imported directly from Indonesia!

Halal status: In the process of halal certification

P.S. Besides The Food Market by Food Junction at Century Square, Food Junction is also in the process of revamping its other outlets, with the most recent one at Rivervale Mall which follows a HDB-themed concept! Look out for the different unique features at other Food Junction outlets that’ll enhance your dining experience. 

4. Toast Junction

Nothing beats having a typical local breakfast and Toast Junction takes your experience up a notch. Besides the usual Kaya Butter toast, you’ll also love their French Thick Toast, Peanut Butter Thick Toast and Turkey Ham & Cheese Thick Toast. Complete your meal with half-boiled eggs and enjoy a cup of kopi, teh and other beverages to start your day right! If you’re looking for a heavier meal to fill you up, Toast Junction even has chee cheong fun, chwee kueh, mee siam and mee rebus. 

Apart from this outlet, Toast Junction’s three other outlets at Food Junction NEX, Food Junction J8 and The Food Place @ Raffles City are already halal-certified. 

Halal status: In the process of halal certification

5. JJ Japanese Cuisine

Missing Japan? Time to get your fix of Japanese food from JJ Japanese Cuisine! The eatery’s concept is all about bringing fast, affordable and delicious food to you. The stall’s bento sets are perfect if you’re looking for a variety of protein options. Sink your teeth into the Yakitori Chicken + Shrimp Tempura Rice or savour the Salmon Teriyaki + Chicken Teriyaki Bento. For those of you who love hotplate dishes, you won’t want to miss out on the Golden Salted Egg Chicken Toji Set and Teppan Black Pepper Chicken Set. Each set also comes with rice and miso soup, so you’ll definitely get a hearty meal! 

Halal status: Halal-certified

6. Monster Chili

Mala fans, this one’s for you! Monster Chili lets you choose your favourite ingredients like chicken, prawns, luncheon meat, mushrooms and lotus root and you can decide whether you want to have them in soup (Mala Tang) or the dry version (Mala Xiang Guo). There are varying levels of spice and if you can’t take the heat, we recommend getting the least spicy option as the mild spice already packs a punch. For those who prefer a seafood option, the Mala Fish and Pickled Fish are great alternatives. 

Halal status: Halal-certified

7. Satay BosQue

At Satay BosQue, you can enjoy satay in the comfort of an air-conditioned food court! The stall specialises in grilled satay and Indonesian delicacies. Take your pick from chicken, beef, mutton or tripe (babat) satay or check out their Ayam Percik which is a juicy and delectable treat you won’t want to miss. Satay BosQue offers set meals where you can try their amazing satay along with other Indonesian dishes like Soto Betawi (Beef Soto) or Gulai Kambing (Mutton Curry).  

Halal status: Halal-certified

8. Ah Po Hokkien Mee 

For a taste of yummy and halal Chinese hawker food, Ah Po Hokkien Mee is where you should go! The stall is best known for their Fried Hokkien Mee and what’s special about it is its self-made special rich and sweet prawn stock with yellow noodles and thick bee hoon. Served together with juicy prawns, squid and eggs, the dish is a flavourful combination ? Ah Po’s Fried Kway Teow with Cockles and Fried Carrot Cake are also the top favourite dishes among their loyal customers! 

Halal status: Halal-certified

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Whether you’re craving Japanese, Thai or Indonesian cuisine, you can find a huge spread of food at The Food Market by Food Junction. What’s even better is that it’s in the midst of being a fully halal-certified food court too! With a decor that’s inspired by various markets around the world, with European, Asian and Middle Eastern elements, you’ll also have a unique dining experience. You can also look forward to Thai Express’ first food court stall, Wok by Thai Express, which is halal-certified. Time to head to The Food Market by Food Junction for your next meal!

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