Long haul flights can be such a hassle. The seats are cramped, there’s no space to stretch and it’s even worse if you’re stuck at an isle seat and the person next to you is snoring away!

Credit: Giphy

But fret not! Long haul flights may soon be obsolete in the future thanks to Boom Technology! This aviation startup is based in Colorado and they have come up with a scaled-down prototype of a supersonic passenger jet.


Credit: Boom Supersonic

Unlike current commercial airlines, this plane flies at Mach 2.2. That’s 2.6 times as fast as current commercial airlines and more than two times faster than the speed of sound! The XB-1 (a.k.a. Baby Boom) is expected to make its first flight in late 2017.


Credit: Boom Supersonic

Besides the XB-1, a full-size passenger plane is also in development. It is expected to seat 45-55 passengers and is estimated to have its first flight ready in the 2020s.

Imagine being able to cut your 16hour flight by more than half! 😁

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