Flipper’s Singapore’s New Seasonal Kiseki Pancake Rich Mango Is A Mango Lover’s Dream


Syahirah •  Nov 08, 2022

Singapore is a food haven, filled with halal eateries, dessert places and pretty much anything you’re craving for! 😁 If you're craving for dessert, check out Flipper’s Singapore - one of the few halal pancake houses in Singapore that offers deliciously jiggly pancakes and is even one of the most renowned souffle pancake places in Japan. If you’ve ever tried Flipper’s before, you have to return again this November for their limited-edition seasonal pancake menu!

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If you love desserts and the word “limited-edition” gets you excited, then you can’t miss out on Flipper's Singapore’s seasonal Kiseki Pancake Rich Mango! Kiseki means miracle in Japanese, a fitting word to describe their whimsical and carefully decorated souffle pancakes. 😍The Kiseki Pancake Rich Mango comprises of a stack of fluffy pancakes with rich mango cream, generous chunks of premium mango cubes (juicy!) and drizzled with homemade mango sauce! It’s served with fresh mango parfait topped with a refreshing mango sorbet that pairs well with the pancakes.

If you’re visiting with your friends and family, why not get other flavours to share? You have to try Kiseki Pancakes Maple Butter Cream! The key element of their signature pancakes is their house-made maple buttercream. The sweet-savoury maple buttercream is delicious when combined with the soft pancakes!

For fans of treats that aren’t too sweet, you can’t go wrong with their Kiseki Pancakes Lemon & Cheese Cream. 🤤 Don’t worry! Your lips won’t pucker too much. Flavoured with real lemon pulp and juice, you’ll be addicted with each bite of fresh, zesty lemon souffle pancake. Plus, it’s packed with Vitamin C too! 

What are you waiting for? Flipper’s Singapore limited-edition menu has all the delicious and tempting flavour combinations you could crave for. Whether you’re someone who likes a straight-cut maple butter taste or a more fruity and tart flavour, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this seasonal menu!

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