Travel Between SG and MY: How Much Do Flights Cost?


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Nov 11, 2021

Since Nov 8, bookings to travel between Malaysia and Singapore have been spiking up despite the lack of VTL flight details by any airlines. Many people are eager to fly back home whether it is Singapore or Malaysia to finally be reunited with their loved ones. Singapore Air mentioned on their website that VTL flights to Malaysia are still being finalized but if you're wondering what the cost is right now to travel to and fro between these two countries, here's a guide on the estimated costs for flight tickets! Bear in mind only designated VTL flights are allowed for quarantine-free travel.

Do note that flights mentioned here are between Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Changi Airport since the VTL scheme is between these two only. Fares mentioned also may vary depending on the day and time you view on the airline's websites. The earlier you book for a later date, the cheaper the price will be. These are just estimated costs. The question whether KLIA2 is included in VTL is still being finalized. Make sure to follow HHWT for more updates!

Average Costs For Flights Between MY-SG

1. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is one of the top airlines preferred by Malaysians for its high-quality services and comfortable aircrafts. For a two-way flight to Singapore from KL, the average price between RM279-RM398 (S$90-S$129.55) for Economy Lite tickets. If you're bringing baggage, it is recommended to take the Economy Basic for an added price of RM20 or the Economy Shuttle where you're allowed to bring a 35kg luggage with priority check-in and boarding plus travel protection with an added fee of RM85. You'll also get a refund without a fee if you book Economy Shuttle.

For business class, the price ranges from RM1289-RM1366 (S$420-S$445) for Business Shuttle. There will be a refund fee but you may rebook without any additional fee except that fare differences will apply.


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2. Malindo Air

Economy flights for Malindo Air from KLIA to Changi cost around RM239-RM529 (S$78-S$172). You can choose between Economy Saver which is the cheapest or Economy Value where you'll get to bring a 20kg luggage. You may also opt for Economy Flexi to enjoy free seat selection and 30kg luggage. A return flight from Changi will cost around RM358-RM648 (S$117-S$211).

For those wanting to ride business class, Malindo Air offers cheaper tickets compared to Malaysia Airlines where the two-way tickets cost around RM859-RM936 (S$280-S$305) and you'll be able to relax at the lounge and bring a 40kg luggage.


3. Singapore Airlines

For Singapore Airlines, a flight from KL to Changi for economy class ranges between RM692-RM940 (S$205-S$306) where if you choose the RM940 Economy Flexi, you'll received a reduced cancellation fee and may bring a 30kg baggage. You may choose the cheapest one which is Economy Standard but there is higher cancellation fee. However, both tickets have complimentary booking change fee.

On top of that, a flight back to KL will cost you an additional RM92 to RM247 (S$30-S$80). Essentially, there are no major differences between Economy Flexi and Economy Standard except the reduction in booking cancellation fee.


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4. Scoot

Scoot is a low-cost airline which is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and you'll find among the most affordable flights here. From KLIA to Changi, a ticket costs around RM119-RM179 (S$39-S$58) while a returning flight may cost between RM267 to RM360 (S$87-S$117). These prices are for flights only with a carry-on bag but if you're planning to bring a luggage, there will be an additional charge between RM80 to RM125 (S$26-S$41). Check out their website for more info!


5. Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia is another low-cost airline based in Singapore and subsidiary airline of Australia's Qantas airline. The prices are similar to Scoot where a ticket from KLIA costs around RM129 to RM143 (S$42-S$47) with only 7kg carry-on baggage. A returning flight from Changi costs between RM233-RM247 (S$76-S$81) and there are additional charges for bigger luggage. Head over to their website to know more.