A First Timer’s Winter Guide To Surviving Cold Weather


F2P2 •  Nov 25, 2022

For those who live in a tropical region, experiencing the first snow can be very exciting. People from tropical countries would most likely see their first snow experience as a winter wonderland ❄️ Seeing ice crystals for the first time, having a snowball fight, and bobsledding with your friends are some of the activities that you'll look forward to. However, if you're not ready for it, you may end up getting sick or freeze. But don't worry, we'll provide you with some guides to keep warm during winter and make your first winter super enjoyable!

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1. Layering Yourself with Multiple Clothing

It's very important to stay warm during winter, especially when you intend to do a lot of outdoor activities and the temperature hits below zero. Putting on a few extra layers will definitely keep you warm. So, don't forget to wear an extra shirt or two under your winter coat.

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Afraid to look bulky? Don't be! There are companies that produce cold-weather gear that's slim enough to be worn under work clothes. For ladies who are into wearing leggings, some hiking-gear companies have a solution for you! They produce long underwear similar to leggings to keep you warm. Most long underwear is designed to dry very fast. It'll also prevent your legs from getting wet!

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2. Staying Hydrated

Some people may think that it's not important to stay hydrated during winter. The cold air strips our bodies of moisture as it is drier and the winter winds carry moisture away from the skin's surface through the process of evaporation. This is why people don't naturally feel as thirsty during winter compared to warmer weather.

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Drink plenty of water even if you're not thirsty. Being dehydrated makes it harder for your body to focus on keeping a safe core temperature. Hot drinks are even better as it provides you with hydration and warmth. They keep you away from dehydration and eventually, it will be easier for you to stay warm.

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3. Staying Away from Caffeine 

When people say that you need to drink more warm coffee and tea during winter, it's actually more about the caffeine content that your body needs to take. Caffeine increases blood flow to the skin. You may feel warmer as a result, but your body is actually losing heat. Therefore, it's better to consume more decaffeinated or herbal hot drinks instead ☕️

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Not to mention, a hot drink and a good book are starting to sound like the perfect winter.

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4. Fill Your Tummy with Halal Food

If you happen to be in Seoul during the winter period, opt for Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) to keep your body warm. Or if you are in Istanbul, try various soups that Turkish cuisine has to offer. Lentil soup, tomato soup, vegetable soup, chicken soup, and chickpea soup are some of the delicious meals you definitely should try.

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Aside from soups and stews, carbohydrates are also great substances to keep you warm in winter. Worried about being unable to stay in shape? Try to consume healthy carbohydrate-rich foods like oatmeal, yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, 100% whole bread/pasta and couscous! You'll keep yourself warm and stay true to your weight resolution.

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5. Doing More Exercises

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you have to be lazy and sit around. Get yourself warmed up and feel the heat ☀️ Get yourself sweaty and do more exercises. The more active you are, the more heat is produced by your body.

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You'll start sweating once you perform exercises as physical activity raises your heart rate, gets your blood pumping, and raises your core temperature. Go for a walk and see the places that surround you, do some jumping jacks inside your garage or do some household chores! If you plan to be outside for a while, wiggle your hands and toes every few minutes to keep the blood circulating in these areas.

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6. Keeping Yourself Dry

It doesn't really matter how many layers of clothing you wear, they are no good to you if you can't keep yourself dry. Equip yourself with an umbrella, weather-proof coat, and snow boots to ensure that you stay dry all the way.

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Once your outfit gets wet, the moisture evaporating from the surface will cause everything to be cool and you eventually feel much colder. It isn't only freezing rain or snow that can wet your clothes. Your sweat is also responsible for it! If you layer yourself but it overheats you, its time to remove that thermal top or layering tee.

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7. Using Japanese Heat Packs (Kairo)

Kairo is a heat pack that you can activate when you're ready to use it. This usually lasts for at least 8 hours but some brands may last longer (up to 15 hours). You put the heat packs in your pockets and it'll ensure that you get enough warmth for your hands. Or, attach them to your clothes as an undershirt to provide heat around the body core and lumbar area. It's comfortable and convenient to use, even while doing cold-weather sports or activities. It also comes in handy for arthritis or other injuries where applying heat can be helpful.

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The pack contains iron filings, water, vermiculite, carbon, and salt.When exposed to air, the iron oxidises and heats up for around 10 minutes, then stays hot for around 12 hours. All the ingredients are natural, non-toxic and safe - provided you use as directed. But it isn't recommended for those with reduced skin sensitivity, infants or pregnant women. 

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8. Having a Hot Water Bottle with You

Not only does a hot water bottle keep you warm, but it also prevents you from paying a more expensive electric bill! Water will act as a heat retainer for a long time, and this is why hot water bottles are an affordable and effective way to stay warm. You can use it whenever you want! Bring it with you when you are watching your favourite TV shows or studying at your desk.

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Putting a hot water bottle under your blankets will also keep your body warm. You can also make your own DIY hot water bottle by heating up a package of dried beans or rice in the microwave for a minute, wrapping it in a pillowcase, and sliding it between your sheets to give you that extra warmth ☺️

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9. Giving Your Room Light

It's no secret that lighting up a fire provides a lot of heat. But don't be dramatic and have a bonfire inside your house. You can always light a few candles or put some on your dinner table. Not only will they give you some warmth, but the ambience of your room will also be more romantic and pleasant as well ❤️

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Apart from that, you can always count on natural heaters! Yes, the sunlight can also warm you up ☀️ Keep your curtains open when the sun is up and keep them closed during the night. The thicker curtains are deemed more effective as they act as insulators that stop the heat from escaping.

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10. Wearing a Hat

Wearing a hat will definitely help you stay warm in a cold situation! If it's cold outside, the brain directs a number of actions to keep your core temperature steady. The blood vessels in your skin contract (get smaller) to preserve heat. That's why your hands and feet may become pale and cool in cold settings.

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You'll lose heat from any part of your body that comes in contact with a cold environment. And the part of your body that's most often exposed during winter is your head! Buttoning your collar or wearing a scarf will also help prevent the cold from going inside your body. Some of you are probably not into wearing hats, but don't worry! You can always wear earmuffs as a substitute.

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Well, we've given you some tips to combat winter! Are you now ready to enjoy your very first winter wonderland experience? Did we miss any important tips?