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First In JB: This Is The Chimney Ice Cream Everyone Is Obsessed About


Nasreen Nasir •  Feb 06, 2018


Ah, ice cream. Who can EVER say no to them? Just the thought of it makes us salivate  ? Credit: Giphy We love our ice-cream but we didn’t think there was a way a cone ice-cream could be improved, until one Johor Bahru ice-cream shop begs to differ! ?
Credit: Rollney Malaysia on Facebook Instead of the conventional cone ice-cream, Rollney Malaysia serves up its ice cream with a different twist – using a baked chimney cake as the base! ?
Credit: Rollney Malaysia on Facebook Inspired by a Hungarian classic pastry called “kürtőskalács”, a chimney cake is basically made of yeast dough that is rolled around spindles and baked until golden brown. Once baked, the dough then gets rolled in your choice of powder: cinnamon sugar, golden glaze, or coconut. These chimney cakes are freshly baked every day at Rollney so they stay crisp! You can be assured that there would be no soggy base ?
Credit: @thc_haejinn on Instagram If you’re not sure what to try, feast on their best-selling Matcha soft serve with cinnamon sugar! You can even choose 1 or 3 out of 15 different toppings at RM15.90 and RM17.90 respectively. We recommend that you garnish it with a couple of peanuts and some good ol’ caramel drizzle! ?
Credit: Rollney Malaysia on Facebook Or if you’re not into matcha, don’t worry, there are plenty of flavours as well, like the Vanilla or Black Sesame! Yum! ?
Credit: @donaldvenel on Instagram Need we say more? ? Since the warmer months are approaching very soon, (goodbye, rainy season! ?), we think that a trip to this gem is probably worth your time now, so don’t wait any longer! ?   Disclaimer: We’ve reached out to them and they have confirmed that they do not serve pork, lard and alcohol.   Location: G-07 Block A Academic Suite, Jalan Austin Heights Utama, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. Operating Hours: Daily, 1.00pm – 11.00pm Contact Number: N/A Facebook | Instagram   [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/2057?type=poll"][/iframe]