5 Things You Must Do At Farm Fresh UPM


Farah Fazanna •  May 20, 2023

You might have seen it all over Instagram: petting zoos, gelato, and tractor rides — all these at the newly opened Farm Fresh @ UPM in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. It’s the newest family attraction in the Klang Valley where you have the opportunity to have an educational and fun way to learn about how natural goodness is made. Perfect day out with the kiddos!

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At the farm, you can discover how Farm Fresh, the local milk brand, produces the freshest and creamiest dairy using sustainable farming practices while feasting your senses on a colourful burst of flora, fauna, and the great outdoors!

Located in Seri Kembangan, it sits on a plot of land owned by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The partnership between UPM and Farm Fresh dates back to 2020 when the two collaborated to establish an Industry Centre of Excellence.

So, what can you do here?

1. Get in touch with nature

Be sure to spend a whole day here as it has a restaurant, a petting zoo, a greenhouse and free-roaming cows (some are also kept in a barn). Interestingly, you can hear jazz music playing in the barn, perhaps to soothe the cows and help them make better quality milk. Here, you can also check out how the milk is processed and let me tell you, it’s surely an educational experience, even for us adults!

The petting zoo has cute little rabbits that you can pet. There’s also an aviary that includes a white peacock and a mini aquarium of fighting fish. The greenhouse is impressive, where there are various flowers and vegetables grown where you can enjoy them at the restaurant!

You can also learn how they practice sustainability on the farm — from rainwater harvesting to recycling cow manure into nourishing fertilizer using composting worms.

2. Get on a tractor ride

Another way to enjoy the farm is getting on the tractor ride. Each ride takes about 20 minutes and the driver will share information about the compound, pointing out the fish farms as well as banana and sugarcane plantations. It’s a super fun experience!

3. Enjoy farm-to-table food and drinks

After enjoying the adventure in the sun, unwind at the restaurant with its freshly made food and drinks. The highlight includes Honey Oat Latter, Butterscotch Banana Latte and pizzas and pasta. The drink starts from RM5 and the food starts from RM30. Not bad!

Before you leave, do stop by the grocery store called Fresh Picks you can bring home Fresh Farm merchandise and fresh greens (the ones that you saw at the greenhouse!). You can get their banana milk and dates. Also, try their famous Fresh Milk ice cream at Cream Hauz!

4. Buy fresh milk and vegetables

What's a visit to Farm Fresh without bringing home fresh milk, amirite? One bottle is priced at RM11. You can also purchase some fresh vegetables which are sold between RM6 - RM6.50 per pack.

5. Learn about the environment and sustainability

Were you aware that the roof of the building is constructed using recycled poly wood sourced from approximately 127,500 beverage containers? It's quite an impressive quantity! Additionally, inside the building, you'll find a few containers containing fascinating information about their sustainability initiatives. I recommend going inside, not only to gain knowledge but also to relish the comfort of the air-conditioned environment. Ha-ha!

5. What to know before you go

  • Be sure to bring a hat as the farm is open air and it might get hot in this Malaysian weather
  • The best time to visit is in the morning or late afternoon
  • Pace yourself when trying out lots of dairy products!
  • There are plenty of parking spaces and facilities such as toilets

Price: RM10 for adults and RM5 for kids. Free entrance for kids below 4 years old.

Address: Farm Fresh @ UPM, Jalan Maklumat, 43400 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Contact: 016-206 7133