JUST IN: FamilyMart Malaysia Now Has Halal Flaky Rainbow Croissant


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Nov 25, 2021

Attention FamilyMart fans and also fellow foodies! This popular Japanese convenience store in Malaysia just released a new item on their menu today - Unicorn Cheese Croissant Sandwich! When you're at Family Mart, seeking for other mouthwatering food to devour other than their famous oden, this new croissant sandwich is the answer.

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New Cheesy Rainbow Croissant Sandwich To Try At FamilyMart!

Credit: @familymartmy on Instagram 

We all know and love fresh, buttery croissants and you could never wrong with this classic French pastry. But FamilyMart has taken another step to elevate this flaky croissant to the next level with the new Unicorn Cheese Croissant Sandwich! It's a buttery croissant sandwich with stringy and colourful cheese to add colours to your day ?

Credit: @familymartmy on Instagram

The rainbow cheese is made with fruity flavours so you'll get an explosion of delicious taste. This is the perfect pair with any drinks at FamilyMart or you can pair it up with a bowl of their signature oden in aromatic broth with a slight spicy kick. The cheese croissant sandwich can end your meal on a sweet note!

For the best eating experience, try the croissant out when it's hot for the perfect cheese pulling effect! If you bought it at the store and planning to eat it at home, they suggest you reheat it in an oven or an air fryer at 120-130 degree Celcius for 10 minutes until the cheese is fully melted ?

Try out the Unicorn Cheese Croissant Sandwich at any FamilyMart outlet across Malaysia or via the MY FamilyMart Online today!

Halal status: FamilyMart's ready to eat items are made with halal-certified ingredients only.

Addresses: Check out their website for all locations and opening hours!

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