Don't Even Think About Doing These Things When You Visit Kyoto


Have Halal Will Travel •  Sep 10, 2015

Kyoto is one of our favourite cities in Japan, from their rich history to their awe-inspiring shrines and temples, there's tons to explore in Kyoto!

But as with all cities/countries around the world, Kyoto has its set of customs and traditions that most do not know about. Thanks to Tripadvisor Japan, here's a handy guide to enjoy a comfortable and safe trip around Kyoto!

Kyoto Infographic Tripadvisor 2

There's also a three-stage emoji rating to indicate how offensive the different behaviours are. A tip from our personal experience? Be extra mindful when cycling (as it's major form of transportation in Kyoto) and when taking photos of maikos and geishas as it's frowned upon to harass them with photo taking.