You'll Need To Apply For ETIAS To Go To Europe In 2025. Here's What You Need To Know


Farah Fazanna •  Nov 03, 2023

Starting in Spring 2025, all citizens from visa-free countries (that's us, Malaysians and Singaporeans, folks!) will have to obtain an online document called ETIAS, which stands for European Travel Information and Authorisation System. This document will grant you access to any of the breathtaking European Union or Schengen member countries for a short-term stay of 90 days within a 180-day period.

What is ETIAS?

ETIAS is an application that you'll need to complete before embarking on your European adventure, whether you're going for tourism, business, transit, or even medical purposes. It's as simple as submitting your application online before boarding your flight bound for Europe.

The requirements to apply for ETIAS

  • Personal Information – Full name, birth date, place of birth, sex, ethnicity, nationality, home address, email address, and phone number.
  • Names of the parents – If known, this would be the parent’s first and last names.
  • Information about your travel documents, such as your passport number, issue and expiration dates, issue nation and location, or issuing authority.
  • Work history – Information about your current or most recent employer.
  • Information about your education, including the college or university you are now attending.
  • Information about your education, including the college or university you are now attending.
  • EU destination: The nation in the EU where you plan to travel and the precise location of your lodging.
  • Information on your expunged convictions, any trips to trouble spots, and whether you’ve ever faced return judgments.
  • If the applicant is under 18, please include the name and contact information of the parent or legal guardian who oversees their well-being.
  • EU Family – Applicants must supply information about the person they are related to and the nature of their relationships if they are either a citizen of an EU country or an EFTA national with rights to free movement throughout the EU.

Once you've gathered all this delightful information, you'll need to submit your ETIAS application alongside your travel documentation, such as your passport. Make sure your passport is valid for at least three months after you plan to leave the European Union, and it should not be more than ten years old.

How much to apply for the ETIAS?

It costs 7 Euros, which is approximately RM36 or SGD10. You can make this payment with a debit card or a credit card. Remember, the payment must be made when you apply for ETIAS, and you'll receive a notification within 96 hours or even sooner, informing you if you're eligible or not. Applicants who are below 18 years old or above 70 years old don't have to pay for the application. This will be valid for three years.

What are the Schengen countries?

The Schengen Area consists of 26 European countries that have agreed to eliminate border controls between their respective territories. These countries are:

  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Estonia
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Hungary
  11. Iceland
  12. Italy
  13. Latvia
  14. Liechtenstein
  15. Lithuania
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Malta
  18. Netherlands
  19. Norway
  20. Poland
  21. Portugal
  22. Slovakia
  23. Slovenia
  24. Spain
  25. Sweden
  26. Switzerland

Things to know before applying for the ETIAS

Now, here's something important to keep in mind. While most applications are processed in just a few minutes, it's not an absolute guarantee. Within 96 hours, you'll receive an email with the status of your ETIAS application and any additional steps you might need to take. So, it's advisable to complete your application at least 96 hours before your departure, or even earlier, to ensure a worry-free journey.

The best part is, once you have your ETIAS document, it's valid for three years! During this time, you can visit Europe multiple times, as long as you follow the delightful 90-day rule.

For more information, visit the website. Bon voyage!