Epok Epok Nye In SG Sells Huge Epok Epok, Roti Boyan And Various Local Favourites


Syahirah Mazlan •  Oct 31, 2022

Arab Street is known for its lanes and lanes of halal eateries and bakeries. The vibes in the area are always lively and bustling, and there’s always something new happening! Not to mention, it’s a tourist street and nearby the Sultan Mosque! ?Among the shops and restaurants, a newly opened store called Epok Epok Nye, is selling MASSIVE epok epok, roti Boyan and various local favourite fried foods that you must try. Here’s what you need to know!

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Walking past this establishment, you wouldn’t be quick to assume it sells local Malay goodies. The sleek logo design and black storefront may look mysterious and intimidating but don’t let that stop you from coming closer! This Muslim-owned store offers huge palm-sized epok epok and roti Boyan with unique and interesting flavours. The best part? It’s all handmade and fried deliciously to perfection!

On top of the typical sardine and potato-filled epok epok that you may be familiar with, Epok Epok Nye offers versions with Rendang, Carbonara, Salted Egg and Black Pepper! The prices are pretty steep, starting from $2 a piece and can go up to $4 (for the Carbonara Epok Epok). ?You can also get handmade roti Boyan too - it’s a pancake-like bread that looks like a cross between prata and epok epok on the outside!

Our Tribes member who has visited the store tells us that the HUGE size and taste of the epok epok is worth the price! She recommends the Potato ones, saying they're crispy on the outside and super flavourful on the inside. ?Would you give it a try?

Epok Epok Nye

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 120 Arab Street

Opening hours: Tue-Sun; 10AM-7PM | Mon; Closed