Eatbox Singapore Is Now Open - Here Are 5 Halal Stalls To Look Forward To


Faruq Senin •  Sep 01, 2021

If you've been to Bangkok, you might have heard of the hugely popular Artbox night market which is known for its hipster decor and trendy stalls. In fact, Artbox even ran a couple of pop-up night markets in Singapore! Now, from the creators of Artbox comes Eatbox Singapore - the first-ever creative food hall with Instagrammable backdrops and good food which will make you reminisce your travels. Wondering "is Eatbox halal"? We've got you covered with these 5 halal stalls at Eatbox Singapore!

Halal food at Eatbox Singapore

Previously, Eatbox Singapore only had pop-ups but the good news is now they are permanently open at Tekka Place, located conveniently above Rochor MRT Station ? They are already open for a soft launch but the official opening will only be on 3 September 2021. We went down to uncover these halal stalls!

1. SugaRush

Sweet tooth lovers, you'll love SugaRush, a dessert store serving yummy gelato, waffles, cakes, brownies, smoothies and more. Their gelato flavours include hot favourites like Speculoos Biscoff, Strawberry Cheesecake, Belgian Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Rocher ?

Don't miss out on their Brookies, a combination of fudgy brownies and cookie dough which are a hot favourite! Their selection of cakes are interesting too with flavours like Pandan Kaya, Lemon Matcha and Earl Grey Milk Choc.

Halal status: Muslim-owned


2. Satay Ummi

Established by celebrity Lydia Izzati, Satay Ummi is known for its cooked satay bento sets as well as frozen satay packets. For the first time, they are having a permanent stall at Eatbox Singapore! If you love satay but are lazy to eat it from a stick, their pan-fried satay is perfect for you. Order their Satay Goreng Mutton, Chicken or Beef sets which come in generous portions, complete with ketupat and gravy. You can also add on some nasi lemak or otah-otah too!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


P.S. Check out these halal satay delivery in Singapore too.

3 & 4. Chickata and Ice On You

Chickata has been around since 2016 serving up Thai-style BBQ and steamboat with marinated meats, seafood, and their signature homemade chilli sauces ? Their outlet in Jurong East is called Chice, a collaboration with dessert shop, Ice on You, which also has a store at Eatbox! Order the Chickata Platter for 2 - choose from Seafood Lovers, Beef Lovers or Chicken Lovers. Some highlights are its Angus Beef slices, Oyster Beef and Tiger Prawns. You can also enjoy a Mini Pan for 1 which includes a lamb set and smoked duck set.

To wash your meal down after having Chickata, head over to Ice on You to enjoy modern Thai desserts. Check out Thai shaved ice with flavours like Thai Chendol, Milk Tea, Mango Coconut and Green Tea. Or indulge in their Thai Milk Tea, Avocado Coconut blended drinks as well as coconut and mango shakes!

Halal status: As both outlets are new, they have yet to receive their halal certification. However, we've checked with both stalls that they use halal-certified ingredients. Chice's outlet at Jurong East is also halal-certified.

Instagram (Chickata) | Instagram (Ice on You)

5. Ethos Beverages

Are you adventurous with your coffee and tea? If you are, then you'll love Ethos Beverages. This Muslim-owned stall serves cold brew in glass bottles with interesting flavours like Rose Latte, Rose Milk Tea, Cookie Butter Coffee and of course, your usual Black Coffee. For those of you who want something different, be sure to get a taste of their Popcorn Milk Tea that'll excite your taste buds. What's great is that Acai promotes recycling too - you can bring your Ethos glass bottle and enjoy $3 refill on any of their drinks. Acai fans can check out Ethos' range of Acai pops too!

Halal status: Muslim-owned


Instagram-worthy backdrop at Eatbox Singapore

Besides the food, you can't miss the Instagram-worthy backdrops at Eatbox Singapore too!

Stepping into the food hall will make you feel like you're in a night market overseas, with fairy lights, neon signs and colourful decor.

Plus, the 9,000 sq ft space also has a Level 2 where you can find more comfortable seating and hang out with your loved ones.

So, if you're already making plans for Friday and the weekend, why not head over to Eatbox and enjoy some mouthwatering grub, desserts and drinks? SHARE this with your fellow foodie friends!

Eatbox Singapore

Opening hours: Daily, 8AM-10.30PM

Address: Tekka Place Annex Building, 2 Serangoon Road, #01-55-59, Singapore 218227


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