5 Best Restaurants In Dabong, Kelantan For Your Next Food Adventure


Farah Fazanna •  Aug 05, 2022

Featured photo credit: @fiqapqa on Instagram

Food is the number one priority when it comes to travelling. Despite being a small town, Dabong has plenty to offer when it comes to the culinary experience. You best believe that you’ll enjoy an authentic experience trying out local delicacies! So, without further ado, here are some of the best places to eat in Dabong.

P/S: As Dabong is still a small burgeoning town, some information about the restaurants is not readily available but we’ll try our best to bring you there!

P/P/S: These restaurants may not have halal certificates, but they're all Muslim-owned!

1. Adam Cafe

The first one on the list is a seafood restaurant, Adam Cafe. It’s popular dishes include grilled fish that’s topped with red sauce, steamed asam boi fish, mee udang (prawn mee) and sup tulang (bone soup). Don’t forget to accompany your dishes with a refreshing glass of pineapple juice!

How to find it: Google/Waze SK Mempelam, Jelawang

Opening hours: 12PM — 11PM (Daily) 

2. Kak Nah Mee Udang

The restaurant is a Dabong institution, so it’s a must-try when you’re in town. Huge and fleshy king prawns topped bowls of noodles to the brim and at only RM15 per bowl, it’d surely fit even a budget traveller! 

How to find it: Google/Waze Kilang Kompleks Perkayuan Kelantan (KPK) Kampung Stong

Opening hours: 9AM - 5PM (Daily)

3. NauRa Bistro

If you’re hungry after a long journey on the train, NauRa Bistro is the perfect spot to fill your tummy. Offering local comfort foods such as nasi goreng pattaya (fried rice wrapped with omelette), fried noodles as well as chicken chop, you’ll definitely be satisfied!

How to find it: It’s right next to Dabong KTM Station

Opening hours: 11AM - 11PM (Daily)

4. Kedai Umi Pokok Ceri

Located near the entrance to Stong Mountain, it’s the best place to have delicious Thai food. Menus include king prawn noodles (which seems to be like the signature dish in Dabong!), koey teow kung fu, mee hailam and a plethora of fried rice choices.

How to find it: Google/Waze Kedai Umi Pokok Ceri (it’s near Aneesa Guesthouse Stong)

Opening hours: 11AM - 11PM (Daily)

5. D'Mieza Kedai Makan

As Stong is near the Thailand border, it’s no surprise that Thai food is easily accessible in Danong. Another Thai restaurant that you can find in Dabong is D’Mieza Kedai Makan, located only five-minute drive away from the Stong Waterfall Resort. The must-try is the black mushroom rice and the Thai-style steamed fish. So, be sure to make this a pit stop before continuing your journey!

How to find it: Google/Waze D'Mieza Kedai Makan (it’s near KESEDAR Jelewang R&R)

Opening hours: 11AM - 11PM (Daily)

There you have it! With these options, you’ll never run out of places to eat in Dabong. While you’re here, check out our 4 Must Do Outdoor Activities In Dabong, Kelantan!