5 Easy Sushi Recipes (Without Raw Fish) You Should Make At Home


Ili •  Jun 22, 2020

When you think about Japanese food, sushi is usually the first thing that springs to mind. It’s one of the most iconic dishes in Japan and because of its popularity, you can easily find plenty of sushi restaurants in most countries all over the world!

Served in many different forms - nigiri, maki and sashimi just to name a few - sushi is typically includes rice, seaweed and a variety of fishes. But if you’re the kind of person who prefers the ones without raw fish, you’ve arrived at the right list! We’ve rounded up several sushi that are not only delicious to eat but simple enough to make at home (minus raw fish of course). 

Before we dive into the list of halal sushi recipes, it’s important to note that whichever one of the recipes you decide to do, there are a few things you’ll need for sushi making:

  • Short grain sushi rice
  • Nori (seaweed)
  • Bamboo rolling mat (you can also improvise with aluminium foil and a tea towel)

Now, onto the list! ?

1. Tamago sushi

Commonly used in nigiri, temaki and maki sushi, tamago is a classic Japanese omelette - and unlike any other regular omelette, it is made using sugar, soy sauce and mirin (a halal substitute for this is 1 tbsp of grape juice mix, 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tsp sugar). Rolled into either a round or a rectangular shape, the egg sits delicately on top of a piece of rice and secured down with a strip of nori (seaweed). 

It’s such a simple dish that there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making a plate of tamago sushis for yourself. With the video recipe above by JapaneseCooking101, you’ll see how easy it is to do and soon find yourself rolling some tamago sushi one of these weeknights ?

2. Cucumber roll

Known as kappamaki in Japan, cucumber rolls are a true favourite among locals. Using just 3 ingredients which are nori (seaweed), cucumber and sushi rice, it is by far the easiest sushi roll you can make on this list. 

Whether you’re a vegetarian or looking to have a light and healthy meal, this cucumber roll is the perfect dish for you. Want to make it even more healthy? Just add slices of avocado to the roll ? Not only will this add nutritional value but it’ll definitely fill you up as well! 

3. California roll

While California rolls are not from Japan, it’s definitely a popular sushi roll that’s well-loved in the U.S. Filled with creamy avocado, fresh cucumbers and soft crab meat, it’s not hard to see why this roll is highly favourited. Unlike the cucumber roll, California rolls are prepared in an ‘inside out’ style which is referred to as uramaki in Japan. This means that the sushi rice is on the outside and the seaweed is on the inside. 

 This video recipe demonstrates how you can achieve the look. But even if your roll turns out a little messy, as long as you’ve got the ingredients down, all that matters is the taste ? 

4. Shrimp tempura roll

Easy, flavourful and deep-fried with a satisfying crunch, the shrimp tempura roll is a great one to make for those who want a little oomph to their sushi. At fancy Japanese restaurants, this roll tends to cost higher because of its shrimp filling but you don’t have to worry about that since you’ll be able to make it on your own at home!

With the shrimp tempura roll, there’s the extra step of having to dip the shrimp in tempura batter and frying it as how the video recipe above shows (from 0:40 to 1:00). But trust us when we say, it’ll be worth the slight effort once you sink your teeth into this delicious roll. 

5. Veggie roll

To all veggie lovers, there’s truly no other sushi more perfect than the veggie roll. Healthy, refreshing and most importantly, simple to make, this can easily be a snack on the go, a light or a heavy meal (depending on how much you eat of course ?).

The best part about this roll is that there are endless variations to it. Want more carrots? Done. Not a fan of lettuce? No problem. Need more filling? You got it. Tasty's different take on the veggie sushi is great if you want variety but aren't sure where to begin with. So check out the video recipe above for some inspiration that might lead you to creating the best veggie sushi you could ever make.

With all these fantastic sushi recipes at your disposal, you're now ready to throw a fun and delicious sushi party with friends and family ?