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6 Easy Sandwich Recipes We Can't Resist Making At Home


Cheng Sim •  Jun 10, 2021


[Updated 22 June 2021] Perfect for breakfast and snacks, there are many easy sandwich recipes you can try making at home. All you need is simple ingredients to prepare tuna sandwich, egg sandwich and more!

1. Tuna Sandwich

Starting off our list of easy sandwich recipes is the classic tuna sandwich! Grab a canned tuna, cucumber, mayonnaise, soy sauce and butter to make this snack at home.

2. Egg Sandwich 

Egg sandwiches are not only yummy and filling, but it's easy to make too! Combine hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise for a snack that your kids would enjoy waking up to every morning. If you want to replicate the ones at Family Mart and 7-Eleven, we teach you how to make the popular egg sandwiches found at Japan's convenience store at home.

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you're staying up late and need a quick bite, heat up the pan and make some easy grilled cheese sandwiches! The best part is, you can use any of your favourite cheeses to pull off this snack. For foodies who can't get enough of mozzarella, check out these cheesy comfort food recipes for an amazing treat.

4. Inkigayo Sandwich

There's a reason why the Inkigayo sandwich is so well-loved by K-Pop idols. Originally created by the cafeteria owner at SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) for idols and staff attending the network’s weekly music show, Inkigayo, this exclusive snack has been raved about by groups like BTS, Seventeen, EXO and more! It's so easy to make that you can recreate this sandwich at home.

5. Tortilla wrap

If you've been spending your time at home watching TikTok videos, you may have com across this tortilla wrap recipe that's been making its rounds on the app. Quick, easy and quite frankly, ingenious, this is a really easy way to enjoy wraps at home without making a whole lot of mess in the kitchen.

6. Chicken Sandwich

Wrapping up our list of easy sandwich recipes is a hearty chicken sandwich! The main ingredient is chicken breast, which can be seasoned however you like. Don't forget to add mayonnaise to give it a creamy texture. If you're looking for easy sandwich recipes to try at home, we hope these recipes will inspire you to make one! For more ideas, check out these easy halal Korean and Japanese sandwich recipes you can enjoy for lunch.