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7 Easy & Delicious Recipes You Can Recreate From Popular Eateries Around The World


Ili •  Dec 15, 2020


Travelling to different countries means getting the chance to enjoy local dishes and if you're a huge foodie like us at HHWT, you may have a bucket list of eateries to try out! Whether that's a Michelin-starred restaurant or a neighbourhood gem that locals flock to, we've rounded up some dishes from popular eateries around the world that you can easily recreate at home. If you're up for a little excitement in the kitchen, take this list with you and get ready to whip up something delicious ?
1. Halal Guys from New York City
Even if you've never been to New York, you've probably heard of The Halal Guys. This eatery started out as a humble food cart in the streets of New York City selling chicken and gyro served with rice. While the cart originally catered to Muslim cab drivers looking for a quick meal, word spread about the delicious food, and over the years it became a must-try eatery not just for those looking for a halal meal but for any visitor to the city! The Halal Guys now has restaurants not just across the US but even internationally (including in Seoul and Jakarta!). While there have been rumours about The Halal Guys expanding into KL, so far we haven't heard of concrete opening dates yet ☹️ But fret not, you can still enjoy the yummy taste of this iconic eatery by making The Halal Guys food right at home! Check out our article to see how you can recreate the recipe for the chicken and rice platter.
2. CoCo Ichibanya from Japan 
Plenty of countries around the world have their own variation of curry, and Japan's version is super distinctive! Thicker and milder than its counterparts in India and the rest of Asia, it's become a much-loved quick and easy meal for locals, with chains like CoCo Ichibanya specialising in the dish. Muslim travellers to Tokyo will have no doubt tried their curry dishes at one of their two halal-certified outlets in Shinjuku and Akihabara. If you're missing the taste of CoCo Ichibanya's delicious curry, you can recreate a fantastic chicken katsu curry right at home with our easy halal Japanese curry recipe.
3. Poppies' Fish and Chips from London
Fish & chips is a classic British dish that's a must-have when you're in the UK! The combination of battered deep-fried fish fillets with thick-cut chips is always a treat. If you've visited London before, you may be familiar with Poppies' Fish and Chips, which is an iconic eatery and has been around since 1952! Poppies is also particularly well-known amongst Muslim travellers as their batter doesn't use beer (which is commonly used in fish and chips) ? If you're missing Poppies' yummy fish and chips, it's time to recreate your own at home with our halal fish and chips recipe!
4. Angelina's hot chocolate from Paris
Credit: @katrina.matyska on Instagram A cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day is hard to beat. Decadent, comforting and sweet, a sip out of this drink can just warm you right down to your toes. But what if we told you there’s a way you can level up this drink and make it even more delicious than it already is? The answer is by whipping it up the French way, more specifically the way that it’s done at the famous Parisian cafe, Angelina. Regarded as the best hot chocolate in Paris, this European style drink is far thicker in consistency than most regular hot chocolates which gives it its iconic rich and velvety flavour. With just a whiff and a taste, the combo of its aroma and silkiness is enough to hook you in completely. If that sounds heavenly to you, go ahead and see how you can fix one up yourself with this easy halal French chocolate recipe ?
5. Levain Bakery's chocolate chip cookie from New York City
Credit: @shelimaya on Instagram At some point in our lives, we've all eaten chocolate chip cookies. But have you ever had ones as large as the size of your fists? Well, we're here to tell you that they exist! Located in several locations across New York City, Levain Bakery is famous for their gigantic cookies that are perfectly crispy on the outside with an amazingly gooey chocolate-filled centre ? While we would love to jump on a plane to New York right now to savour them ourselves, we'll have to put that idea on hold for the time being. So, the next best thing is to bake these monstrous cookies! That's right - with this easy recipe, get ready to create some of the best (and largest) chocolate chip cookies at home.
6. Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding from New York City
Credit: @katildagrams on Instagram
Besides its towering skyscrapers, famous art museums and iconic yellow cabs, New York City is also known as a treasure trove of yummy bakeries. And among the many amazing spots that you’ll find throughout the Big Apple, the one that cannot be missed is Magnolia Bakery. While they have various baked goods that would delight just about anyone, it's no secret that their tubs of banana pudding is the best-seller! Made up of layers of creamy vanilla pudding, fresh bananas and wafer-style cookies, this is truly every dessert lover's dream ? If this treat is something you'd like to create by yourself at home, then this easy banana pudding recipe will do the trick.
7. Jenny Bakery's butter cookies from Hong Kong
Credit: @jessica.popolove on Instagram For those who have been to Hong Kong, a pit stop at Jenny Bakery is an absolute must. Light, crumbly and perfectly buttery, the bakery's butter cookies are an absolute dream to eat. Both locals and travellers alike have been to known to queue for long hours just to snag a tin or two! While news that this popular dessert is available via Jenny Bakery Malaysia Pinz, there's a chance that you might not be able to get your hands on them since they're in high demand. So, the next best thing is to bake them yourself and you can get started with this easy recipe from Miss Tam Chiak. Now that you know how easy it is to travel from the comfort of your home, it's time to get yourself to the kitchen! ? For more easy recipes, you can check these out: