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7 Easy Mamak Stall Recipes You Should Try Making At Home


Ili •  Jun 04, 2020


As much as we all love our Japanese cheesecakes, Korean fried chicken and English scones, nothing hits the spot like having local favourites from the mamak stalls. Roti canai, mee goreng, nasi lemak, tosai, teh tarik - the list is endless! These dishes will always have a place in our heart (and our stomachs ?), and in a time where dining out remains a concern for many, we're here to help fix any local cravings you may have at the moment. So, here are some simple mamak stall recipes you can easily make at home!
1. Roti canai
Kicking off this list is the classic roti canai (or roti prata). As one of the all-time fan favourite in Malaysia and Singapore, this simple yet amazing dish is typically eaten with dhal curry, fish or chicken curry. Tearing into the flakiness of the layers of oiled dough and dipping it into a flavourful curry is truly a treat ? If you've ever seen roti canai being prepared at the mamak stalls, you might find the process of flipping the dough intimidating. But fear not! This video recipe finds a way around it that gives you an equally tasty and flaky roti canai. It may require a few more steps, but it'll all be worth it in the end ?
2. Nasi lemak
A friendly rival of the roti canai is the iconic nasi lemak. With many Malaysians considering this a national dish, the combination of fragrant coconut rice, sambal (a hot chilli sauce), fried anchovies, fried peanuts, sliced cucumber and hard-boiled egg never fails. Che Nom's nasi lemak recipe is all you need to create this dish at home. Simple, clear and most importantly delicious, we're definitely a fan of it so make sure to check it out!
3. Mee goreng 
Sometimes all you need is a delicious plate of mee goreng mamak to curb the late night hunger pangs. From the savoury stir-fried noodles to the yummy cucur udang (prawn fritters), it's a dish we just can't get enough of sometimes. Once again, Che Nom's video recipe comes to the rescue for those looking to create this dish in the comfort of their home. Giving you an authentic taste of mee goreng mamak, let this video guide you as you prepare to whip up this sinful dish for lunch (or in the middle of the night ?).
4. Tosai
Called by several names such as tosai, thosai or dosa, this popular dish is a great snack to have at any time of the day (or as a meal if you eat enough of it ?). Made from fermented batter, it's a rice pancake that appears similar to a crepe and gives you that light crunch with every bite. There are over a dozen variations of tosa besides the plain one like egg tosai, onion tosai, masala tosai and more. For this video recipe, you'll be sticking to basic one that is plain and can be eaten with various curries. But if you're feeling more adventurous and want to challenge yourself, check out how you can make other versions here.
 5. Cheese naan
For those who are huge fans of cheese, this dish is definitely right up your alley. Cheese naan is one of the best comfort food you can tuck into especially when you're craving for something rich and filling. Just thinking about gooey cheese sitting in the pocket of a fluffy naan is making us drool ? Here, Maksu Bella's cheese video recipe will make your dreams of mouthwatering cheese naan come true. With basic ingredients like sugar, salt, condensed milk, yeast, flour and of course mozzarella cheese, get ready to tuck into one of the best snacks you'll ever make for yourself.
6. Teh tarik
Whichever mamak stall you step into, you'll be guaranteed to find several patrons sipping on a hot mug of teh tarik. Sweet, tasty and perfectly soothing, it's a signature drink that's known for its process of 'pulling' the tea while preparing it. The drink is transferred from one mug to another by lifting it as high as possible! Hence, the name which literally translates to 'tea pull'. Though Nyonya Cooking's video recipe doesn't require you to 'pull' the tea all that high (like the pros do at the mamak stalls), it's a recipe that'll definitely hit the spot and that's all that really matters.
7. Milo dinosaur
Why have a normal cup of Milo when you can have Milo dinosaur? ? Also known as Milo Godzilla (a version that's served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream), this amazing drink is the perfect treat for anyone who's got a sweet tooth or a huge chocolate lover. Using only 3 ingredients, Nyonya Cooking's take on the Milo Dinosaur should be your go-to recipe for whenever you want to quickly whip up a delicious drink. Her version includes the optional vanilla ice cream, but since you're creating this on your own, feel free to put whatever topping that you desire! So now that you've got this list of recipes to guide you, it's time to curb your cravings and dive into the wonderful flavours of local mamak dishes ?