10 Easy Italian Recipes You Should Try Making At Home


Ili •  Apr 10, 2020

Two weeks ago, we shared a list of easy Korean recipes for you to try at home and today, we're back with an entirely different cuisine you can have a go at that's just as delicious and simple to do!

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This time around, you'll be exploring the wonderful flavours of Italian cuisine and in this list, we've got recipes that'll have you making appetizers, entrées and desserts! So, throw your apron on and prepare to whisk yourself into the culinary world of Italy ?

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1. Bruschetta

Simple, petite and packs a flavourful punch. That's exactly what you're in for with this classic Italian appetizer - bruschetta. There are several variations of it, some of which might be called crostini or crostoni (crostini being small versions made from cross-sections of a baguette and crostoni being very large slices). For our list, we'll be going with the more popular version that simply calls for grilled slices of bread, rubbed with raw garlic and topped with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, and salt. It's the perfect thing to make when you're in a crunch but still want something delicious to have ?

2. Minestrone soup

If you enjoy diving into hearty bowls of soup, then the minestrone soup is definitely right up your alley. Traditionally made by using leftover vegetables, feel free to use whatever vegetables and greens you have on hand. There's no set recipe to making this soup, so let your creativity run wild! You can throw in some pasta and meat as well if you're looking for something more filling. And the other best part of this dish? It freezes and defrosts well, so you'll be set for the next few days indulging delicious Italian soup while catching up on your Netflix shows.

3. Creamy gnocchi

Gnocchi may not be the traditional dumpling that you're used to, but they taste just as good especially when made with a sauce. In this recipe, we'll be going for Alfredo sauce because who doesn't love a nice, creamy bowl of pasta? (If you don't, that's okay ? You can always swap it for something lighter like pesto instead!). Begin by melting some butter in a pan and sautéeing a few cloves of garlic. Then, add the chicken or vegetable broth, Italian seasoning and once it's well-combined, throw in the gnocchi and heavy cream. Reduce the heat and cover the pan while you let it cook for about 5 minutes or so. Finally, stir in some parmesan cheese until the sauce thickens and there you have it! A lovely bowl of mouthwatering pasta that'll have you falling in love at the first bite.

4. Tortellini soup

If you're looking for a recipe that'll give you all the coziness you need for rainy days, then Tortellini soup is your answer. It's quick and delicious to make, plus all the veggies of the dish adds nutrition so there's no feeling guilty when you go back for your second and third helpings of it ? To make tortellini soup, all you'll have to do is sauté some onion and garlic in a pot. Then, add in a broth of your choice (chicken or vegetable) followed by a can of diced tomatoes. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer while stirring occasionally. After about 10 minutes, go ahead and add in the tortellini, vegetables and season with a sprinkle of pepper. For some heartiness, top it off with some cheese.

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5. Fettuccine alfredo

On some days you want something light, quick and easy. On other days, you crave for a heavier dish that's equally easy to make. Well, we've got the recipe for you and that's fettuccine alfredo. Don't let the fancy name intimidate you, it's not as difficult as it sounds and in fact, it should be your go-to food for whenever you're stuck thinking about your next meal. All this dish calls for is fettucine, a jar of Alfredo sauce (if you want to make your own sauce, allrecipes has a simple recipe you can check out here), some parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and voilà! Get ready to enjoy a serving of mouthwatering fettuccine alfredo.

7. Focaccia

Get your house smelling with the scent of fresh bread by making focaccia. This bread is baked flat in a pan and is known for its dimpled surface made by lightly pressing your fingers into the dough. It's also usually topped with olive oil, salt and often includes yummy additions like garlic, and fresh herbs. It's the perfect savoury treat to munch on throughout the day or also a breakfast choice paired with your favourite cup of coffee. If you don't have fresh herbs like rosemary on hand, you can always turn to dried herbs instead, but even just a coating of salt and olive oil is enough to make this bread taste delicious!

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8. Margherita pizza

Sure, you can always place an order online from your favourite pizza place but where's the fun in that? Try making one yourself and you'll soon find that it's not all that difficult ? But with so many kinds out there to choose from, where should you even begin? Well, there's no better place to start than with one of the most classic Italian flavour, Margherita pizza. Kick off your pizza-making by preparing the dough using standard ingredients like flour, active dry yeast, water, oil sugar and salt. Once you've let it rise and proof, punch out the air and roll it out to a general shape of a pizza. Then, spread a generous amount of tomato sauce and top it off with mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. Bake it and get ready to fall head over heels for your homemade pizza. Besides being an easy recipe to make, it's also a fun one to do with your family ❤️

9. Cacio e Pepe

When it comes to easy Italian recipes, the list wouldn’t be complete without including Cacio e Pepe. Using just butter, cheese, and egg, you don't need any additional ingredients to create a rich and creamy sauce that will have you drooling in no time. ? Add in a sprinkle of chilli flakes or fresh herbs as a garnish (some supermarkets also sell Italian herb mixtures for extra convenience) and this will be your new go-to dinner recipe!

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10. Affogato

Add a sweet note to the end of your meal by making this ridiculously easy Italian dessert which is Affogato. The recipe is simple: ice cream and espresso. That's it! It really doesn't get any simpler than that, so there's no reason not to make this dessert (unless you're not a fan of ice cream, espresso or both ?). Enjoyed by many Italians, all you need to do is place two scoops of ice cream in a serving bowl and pour two shots of hot espresso over it. Alternatively, you can also use strong brewed coffee but whichever you choose, you'll be guaranteed a yummy dessert that'll keep you coming back for more.

And there you have it! A list of easy yet amazingly delicious Italian recipe that'll guarantee to impress anyone and satisfy your cravings on any given day.