This East Village’s New Muslim-Owned Stall Serves Alcohol-Free Handcrafted Drinks


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 23, 2021

Looking for a place to wind down with your friends for your end-of-year celebrations? There’s a new Muslim-owned stall which sells beautifully handcrafted drinks you have to try! COLORS sells alcohol-free drinks that mix fruits with fizzy sodas, tea, and more, which are really so colourful and too pretty to consume! Whether you need a fixer upper after a tiring day at work, or a refreshing drink to perk you up, COLORS have got you covered! ☺️ 

P.S. Here's the best of what food the Eastside has to offer!

COLORS Serve Refreshing Alcohol-Free Drinks At East Village 

There are four different types of drinks sold at COLORS: soda, cold brewed tea, mojito (alcohol-free!) and milkshakes! We’ve chosen some fan-favourites for you to try!

Credit: @colors.sg for Instagram

First off, their peach mojito is truly the ideal summer drink! Sure, we’re having a rainy season now, but we’re still warm and humid all year round, so their peach mojito will definitely cool you down instantly! It’s refreshingly sweet with a hint of mint and zingy squeezed limes to give that extra oomph! The alcohol part is replaced with soda, so you can definitely feel the bubbly, fizzy taste in your mouth! You can also taste the fruity peach flavours as you sip the drink! Ah, feels like we’re at the beach already (we need a beach vacation!) ?

Credit: @colors.sg for Instagram

If you like pina coladas, and gettin’ caught in the rain, the soda pina colada is for you! We promise it’s definitely not cheesy like our attempt at doing puns, but it’s definitely so refreshing and sugary, you might forgive us for trying! ? The pineapple juice is naturally sweet, with a tart flavour, for the perfect sweet-sour balance which gives a kick yet it's so pleasurable, you might keep ordering more! Watch all your stresses disappear as you sip down this fizzy, cooling drink!

Credit: @colors.sg for Instagram

Who says only kids love bubblegum soda? Adults can definitely enjoy this drink too (we’re keeping it halal, guys ?)! The effervescent soft drink bubbles in your mouth as you sip this drink, and its sourness is so addictive, you’ll be gulping it down in no time! The mix of various fruit flavours burst in your mouth in each sip, which makes you immediately go mmmmm! We really need a break from work now to get this drink! ?

Credit: @colors.sg for Instagram

One interesting drink we can’t get our mind off is the tiramisu drink, because who knew we could drink cake?! A touch of coffee, a dash of cocoa, and a dollop of cream all mixed together, it tastes just like the desert! Don’t forget to drink it down though, it’s not chewable. ? It has the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, which is perfect for those who’s craving a subtle sweetness that doesn’t feel too guilty to consume! Well, now there’s one more way to eat, uh we mean, drink cake. ?

There’s still so many other options for you to try, which infuses in unique flavours we’ve never even thought possible, but we’re leaving it for you to try it on your own! Tell us your wildest order from COLORS, or share your newly favourite drink! We can’t wait to hear it! ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 11am-9pm daily; Closed on Mondays

Address: #01-81, East Village Mall, Simpang Bedok