Dutch Colony Coffee Co. Is Every Coffee Lover's Dream Go-To Place


Rita Razali •  Apr 19, 2023

This article was written by our Tribes by HHWT member, Rita Razali Being a coffee drinker, I'm always looking out for a nice coffee place and when there's nice food served as well, it's a bonus. So when I was at Fusionopolis, I came across the Dutch Colony. I won't want to miss the opportunity to try their coffee (and their food too). We were there for lunch but we still ordered from the breakfast list and since it was a Saturday, you won't get to see the office crowd (which is a bonus). Oh, they do sell tea by the pot (for non-coffee drinkers) or other alternative drinks (if you are not a caffeine fan).

Credit: Rita Razali Guacamole and soft boiled eggs toast are so yummy. They were well-seasoned and eggs were runny just the way I liked them.
Runny..run..run.. flow flowy egg yolk. Yummmss! Credit: Rita Razali
Credit: Rita Razali My partner ordered Sausages and Potato Rosti. And we enjoyed every bite.
Credit: Rita Razali It's not a complete meal if I don't order my coffee...and an orange scone to finish it. No regrets.

  • Dutch Colony Coffee Co. Halal status: We've confirmed with a Director in the company that the company is partially Muslim-owned, and all espresso brands are halal-certified by MUIS. All ingredients used across all outlets are halal-certified, and items including cakes and pastries are from halal-certified kitchens and/or halal-certified sources. No alcohol, pork, or lard is served at all. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.
  • Kembangan
    • Opening hours: Mon-Thurs; 8AM-6PM, Fri-Sun; 8AM-9PM Address: 113 Frankel Ave, Singapore 45823
    • Contact: +65 64485852

  • Civic District
    • Opening hours: Open daily; 8AM-6PM
    • Address: 81 Clemenceau Ave, UE Square Mall #01-21, Singapore 239917
    • Contact: +65 69044522

  • One-north
    • Opening hours: Open daily; 8AM-6PM
    • Address: 1 Fusionopolis Way #01-01, Singapore 138632
    • Contact: +65 69149688

  • New Tech Park
    • Opening hours: Open daily; 8AM - 9PM
    • Address: 151 Lorong Chuan #01-08 Singapore 556741
    • Contact: +65 6914-9685

  • Tampines Hub 
    • Opening hours: Open daily; 8AM - 9PM
    • Address: 1 Tampines Walk #01-K8 Singapore 528523
    • Contact: +65 6914-9687

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