10 Ways & Places To Help Communities In Need This Ramadan In SG


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 25, 2022

As Ramadan 2022 comes to an end, many of us are going the extra mile to increase our worship! Whether it's going for terawih prayers, observing qiyamullail, or just offering a smile to a fellow Muslim, this month wouldn't be the special month all of us love & anticipate without our acts of worship. So if you're looking for ways to do just that, you've come to the right place. One of the best ways to observe the fasting month is to help communities and individuals in need! We've gathered these 10 ways and places to help communities in need in SG this Ramadan 2022. Check it out!

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1. Alam's Giftbox

A way to continue their father's legacy, Alam's Gift Box's founders sell thoughtfully curated themed boxes, with 100% of their profits going to the Meqsud Alam Legacy Fund! The fund supports philanthropic causes such as the sponsoring of orphans, supporting children's education and improving the livelihoods of those in rural communities.

Credit: alamsgiftbox on Instagram This Ramadan, Alam's Giftbox aims to raise SGD $3100 by the end of the month in order to sponsor 310 Iftar and Eid/Hari Raya meals for children in orphanages and residential care, as well as elderly residents in nursing homes. The meals will consist of a special iftar and Hari Raya meal, dessert and drink. So if you're looking for a way to give back to society this Ramadan, you can support Alam's Giftbox and help them raise money in one of 2 ways: 1. Make a direct donation to the Meqsud Alam Legacy Fund. 2. Purchase their Exclusive Ramadan Box (100% of profits will be donated to this cause). Learn more about their cause from their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here! 

2. Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope is an organisation aimed at building and inspiring the community to give hope to those who have fallen through the cracks. Through crowdfunding charities and campaigns, 100% of their donations go to people in need. This Ramadan, Ray of Hope aims to raise $21,773 for 144 adults and 79 children with their campaign #RayaforHope.

Credit: @givehopesg on Instagram ''With larger gatherings back on the agenda, many families will finally get the chance to renew bonds and reconnect with their loved ones. However, for many of our beneficiaries, #HariRaya will remain a quiet affair that looks no different from the daily struggles that they go through. Give the gift of hope and make a difference by donating to this campaign, '' - @givehopesg on Instagram Last we checked, they only need $5000++ to reach their goal. Learn more about their cause from their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here!

3. Hari Raya Puasa Reverse Potluck

Credit: itsrainingraincoats on InstagramItsRainingRaincoats (IRR) is an initiative that benefits migrant workers in Singapore. Using the raincoat to symbolise protection from metaphorical thunderstorms, ItsRainingRaincoats provides migrant workers with meals, gifts, donations and even companionship!This Hari Raya, IRR is holding a 'Reverse Potluck' and Donation drive for the migrant workers. All you have to do is bless them by sending a meal or participating in their donation drive (both brand new and pre-loved items accepted!) 🤗 Goods from the donation drive even go to the migrant workers' very own Hari Raya bazaar. So you know you're contributing not only to a good cause but an exciting one 🤩 Learn more about their cause from their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here!

4. Believe In Giving SG

Believe in Giving SG celebrates compassion, empathy & solidarity by actively lending a helping hand ot those in need! Their volunteers have frequent conversations with the elderly, clean spaces together and this Ramadan, they'll be holding a grocery run drive! The drive aims to make grocery runs, deliver goods and offer housekeeping needs to their beneficiaries, so if you're interested in volunteering for someone in need, you have to check out Believe in Giving SG. Who knows, you might make someone's day and Hari Raya just by offering your time? ☺️

Credit: believeingiving.sg on Instagram Join Believe in Giving Sg on 30th April 2022, Saturday, from 2 to 7 pm by emailing them or reaching out to them on their Instagram! P.S. No time? No problem! You can also contribute your funds to the cause via their LaunchGood or PayNow to 9068 8411 (do indicate if it’s Zakat or Donation). Learn more about their cause from their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here!

5. Smile Salam SG

Credit: smilessalamsg on Instagram Smile Salam SG is a group of passionate volunteers coming together to ''Do Good & Bring Smiles'' to their beneficiaries! Aiming to spread joy through volunteer work and acts of kindness, Smile Salam SG organises donation drives, pop up grocery runs for the less fortunate and distrubuting ration packs! This Ramadan, Smile Salam SG aims to raise $9500 for their weekly porridge & iftar meals distributions! Currently about $1000 short of their goal, you can make an impact this Ramadan by donating to their cause 🤗 Learn more about their cause from their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here!


Credit: f.frysg on Instagram F-Fry SG is a social enterprise that advocates care for low-wage migrant workers by sharing food from their kitchen. And this Ramadan, F-FRY will be distributing iftar to the migrant workers located at the QBD dormitory and Recreational Centre every Sunday! You can help F-FRY support the migrant workers of Singapore by contributing to their #RamadhanWithBhaiya campaign or volunteer your time to help out with iftar distributions this Ramadan. Learn more about their cause from their Instagram (click here)!

7. SG Muslims 4 Migrant Workers

Credit: sgmuslims4migrantworkers on Instagram The Muslims 4 Migrant Workers association will be raising money this Ramadan 2022 to replace the mobile phones of destitute migrant workers! Undoubtedly an often overlooked concern when it comes to migrant workers, Muslims 4 Migrant Workers helps migrant workers contact their families much more easily with this cause. They are also gathering funds to help out R, an individual who suffered a lung infection and kidney injury due to cancer. If you wish to help these individuals out, you can find out more about their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here!

8. RLA Foundation SG

Credit: rlafoundationsg on Instagram

The Rahmatan lil Alamin (Blessings to all) Foundation (RLAF) is a foundation that supports the less fortunate by providing households with supplies, grocery vouchers and items for personal hygiene and health care. They also provide support and empowerment to persons with disabilities, including beneficiaries of SAVH, by providing employment opportunities with the packing of the gift bags.

This Ramadan 2022, RLAF aims to raise $240,00 from 3 March to 25 April 2022 (today's the last day! Hurry donate!) that will go toward providing a total of 7,000 ‘Blessings to All’ gift bags. Learn more about their cause on their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here!

9. Project One Sejadah

Credit: twopharosand khairuljiih on Instagram Run by founders Ustaz Khairul and Zee Asnah, Project One Sejadah aims to provide migrant workers in dormitories with prayer mats. Often having to use pieces of cardboard, paper and whatever they could find to perform their salah at worksites or various public spaces during their work hours, Project One Sejadah will be providing these workers with proper travel prayer mat (sejadah) that come with a pouch, so that they can easily carry the pouches around and use them even while at their worksite. At just $5 per sejadah, Project One Sejadah is both an affordable and meaningful cause. If you're interested in donating to this project, learn more about it on their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here!

11. Global Ehsan Relief

Credit: globalehsanreliefsingapore on Instagram  Global Ehsan Relief (GER) was established in 2017, aspiring to provide humanitarian relief and services to both local and overseas beneficiaries. For Ramadan 2022, GER will be sponsoring 350 Iftar Meal Sets to the needy and elderly at $3,500 per day. Their aim? To ensure that these individuals have food on their table to break their fast. If you'd like to be a part of this generous cause, learn more about it on their Instagram (click here) or contribute directly here! The last 10 days of Ramadan are some of the most meaningful, why not spend them giving charity and contributing to meaningful causes? Share this with your loved ones to support Singapore's communities in need this Ramadan 2022!