7 Organisations You Can Donate To Help Flood Victims In Johor


Farah Fazanna •  Mar 07, 2023

Johor is currently facing one of the worst floods the state has ever faced with more than 50,000 victims who have been forced to leave their homes. Batu Pahat is the worst-hit district with more than 15,000 people displaced. For our Malaysian friends, if you're looking for organizations to donate or volunteer to help the victims across Malaysia, here's a list to help.

1. Happy Bank

Credit: @happybankcrew on Instagram 

Happy Bank is a non-profit organization that is collecting donations to help flood victims. They are also sending all the essentials like food, blankets as well as power banks, cables and adapters. If you wish to assist them to donate and distribute essentials, you may contact them on their Instagram page.

2. IMARET Malaysia

IMARET has launched an emergency fundraising for flood victims in Johor as well as other affected states in Malaysia. They are also currently looking for volunteers and medical volunteers to help them in helping victims who are stranded or at flood evacuation centres. For more information, head over to their Instagram and contact them.


MyCARE is holding a fundraising to help the victims with food, and essentials for women & babies as well as supplies to help them. They've been preparing food and distributing the essentials to those in need. If you wish to donate and help them, head over to their Instagram for more info.

4. MY Hope Hero

MY Hope Hero is a non-profit organization that is helping victims across Johor. Their teams have been helping non-stop. If you wish to help them, you may donate or become a volunteer to help them distribute essentials to the victims. Head over to their Instagram page for new updates.

5. The Hope Branch

The Hope Branch is another non-profit organization that is mobilizing aid to flood victims in Selangor. They are seeking donations to purchase essentials like stoves, blankets, hygiene kits, food, clean water and diapers. Do donate if you wish to help the victims and you can look for the latest updates on their Instagram page.

6. Yayasan Kebajikan Suria


Credit: Yayasan Kebajikan Suria on Facebook

You are welcome to drop off donation items at Yayasan Kebajikan Suria office in Johor Bahru. They are accepting items such as formula milk, diapers, bottled water and even volunteers to help out. Head over to their websitefor more info on how you can help.

7. KAMY - Klima Action Malaysia


Credit: KAMY on Twitter

KAMY is a climate justice group and they are organising a fundraiser to support the relief efforts by Johor Indigenous Peoples' Village Network (JPOAJ). They aimed to raise up to $2,000. Help them achieve their target by donating. Donations can be made through Maybank, Paypal or Wise. Head over to their Twitterpage to learn more.