NEW: Japan's Megastore Don Don Donki Is Opening Its First Outlet In KL


Cheng Sim •  Jul 16, 2020

If there's one thing we love about shopping in Japan, it's the amazing beauty products and novelty items from Japan's discount stores. Now that our travel plans to Japan have taken a back seat, here's a piece of exciting news that'll bring this awesome shopping capital to you!

According to China Press, Don Don Donki will be opening its first outlet in Lot 10, a shopping complex in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

Credit: DON DON DONKI Hong Kong on Facebook

Don Don Donki is the local chain of the Japanese discount megastore Don Quijote. The megastore has opened many outlets in Singapore including Orchard Central, 100AM and City Square Mall, and we're happy that they're coming to the Malaysian shores!

While the opening date has yet to be confirmed, there are many things to be excited about. Here's a glimpse of the Muslim-friendly food you can find in Don Don Donki in Singapore - and we hope these products will be available in Kuala Lumpur too!

1. Nara Strawberry Lab’s Premium Light Pink Strawberry

Donki has spared no expense at putting their floor space to good use – the shelves were loaded with everything ranging from apples to carrots of the highest quality. What caught our eye though were these beautiful light pink or white strawberries! White strawberries are prized as a Japanese luxury due to the tedious process needed to produce them, and are often given as gifts rather than eaten as everyday fruits. As they’re rarely seen outside of Japan, being able to have such fresh produce at our fingertips brings back our memories of Tokyo.

2. Kibun Oden Set (S) Assorted Fish Cakes With Soup Base

Oden is a Japanese hot pot that’s usually popular as street food. Consisting of fishcakes and other bite-sized ingredients boiled or simmered in a warm broth, it’s an interesting variation on the steamboat that we have here in Singapore.

Best of all, this packet has been certified Halal by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand. It can also add an interesting and hearty twist to your steamboat dinners ?

3. Hokkaido Ice Cream

Hokkaido is famous for its milk, and any dessert that comes out of it tends to be rich and creamy. Which is why this ice cream from Hokkaido is next on our list – just looking at the flavours on offer is making our mouths water.

With four flavours on offer, you'll certainly be spoiled for choice!

Disclaimer: While the ice cream does not contain alcohol or animal shortening in its ingredients list, it is not certified Halal so we recommend that you consume it at your own discretion.

4. Fresh fish from Japan

Don Don Donki prides itself on being able to deliver authentic Japanese tastes to your doorstep – and where would that be without seafood? There are aisles covering everything from tiny shirasu fish to freshly prepared sashimi. With produce sourced straight from Japan, their emphasis on fresh preparation is a reassuring touch that guarantees a worry-free meal.

We can’t help but crave this chutoro (medium fatty tuna belly), which is a cut of tuna that is luxurious without being as fatty as the more popularly-known ootoro (fattiest tuna belly).

...And these are just some of the Muslim-friendly products you can find in Don Don Donki Singapore! While we wait for more updates on the opening of Don Don Donki in Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur, check out our ultimate guides to shopping in Japan!