Does Singapore Airlines Serve Halal Food? Here's What We Know


Syahirah Mazlan •  May 25, 2023

When it comes to air travel we always worry about one thing - food! Now we're here to discuss about travelling on Singapore Airlines. Many may wonder if Singapore Airlines makanan halal ke tidak? (does Singapore Airlines offer halal food?). ? Also known as SQ for short, we know that they definitely offer halal food for economy class but what about the other classes/cabins like business, premium-economy, and first-class? Here's everything we know!

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What are the classes on board Singapore Airlines?

Before we explore the availability of halal food, let's briefly understand the ticket classes offered on Singapore Airlines. There are a total 5 classes/cabins to choose from, they include:

  • Economy
  • Premium-Economy
  • Business
  • First-Class
  • Suites

Halal food on Singapore Airlines

We all know that in Economy Class, halal food is readily available to all passengers who make a special request at least 48 hours before their departure. Singapore Airlines ensures that halal meals are served as a standard option in Economy Class, so you can enjoy your journey with peace of mind!

To request a halal meal, simply visit the Singapore Airlines website and navigate to the 'special meals' tab. There, you can indicate your preference for halal food. It's important to note that the availability of halal meals is not limited to any specific class. All passengers with dietary restrictions, regardless of their ticket class, are entitled to special meals. This means that whether you're flying Business Class, Premium Economy Class, First Class, or Suite you can still enjoy halal food on board.

While the availability of halal meals is consistent across classes, it's worth mentioning that there may be differences in terms of portion sizes, meal presentation, and menu selection. As expected, premium classes like Business Class and First Class offer an elevated dining experience with enhanced menu choices and more luxurious plating. However, rest assured that the airline ensures the provision of halal food in all classes, reflecting its commitment to accommodating diverse dietary needs!

For Muslim travelers concerned about halal food options on Singapore Airlines, the good news is that you can enjoy halal meals on board regardless of your ticket class. By making a simple request at least 48 hours before your flight, you can enjoy a worry-free journey with a delightful culinary experience in the sky!

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