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Here’s How Much It Costs To Visit Disney Parks Around The World


Elaine •  Aug 18, 2016


[Updated 14 Feb 2019] If you’ve been closely following HHWT, you would know by now that we are all huuuuge Disney fans! With different Disney parks in 6 cities around the world, each providing a different experience from the other, you'll definitely have to visit each park for an authentic experience. And to help you decide on which park to add to your bucket list, we've provided a breakdown on how much it costs to enter each park ?
Credit: GiphyNote: Prices stated are according to a single adult ticket on a normal day for ONE park, not including any peak pricing or special offers. This means your ticket may be slightly cheaper or more expensive depending on the time of your visit, or if you're purchasing children's tickets. Prices stated in USD and currency of the country the park is located in.
1. Paris Disneyland - EUR 53-79 (USD 63-94)
If you have plans to visit Europe and want your dose of Disney magic, then you have to make a trip to Paris Disneyland!
Paris Disneyland Europe Sleeping Beauty Castle
Credit: Albert Lam on Flickr Here, you can find attractions that are unique to the Paris Disneyland such as the hedge maze, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and Crush’s Coaster! You definitely can’t miss out on the French-themed attractions like Le Carrousel de Lancelot and La Tanière du Dragon (venture deep into Sleeping Beauty’s castle!) as well ?
Credit: Albert Lam on Flickr#HHWT Tip: Disney fans, you’ll want to cover both parks in Paris - Disneyland and the Walt Disney Studios® Park!
2. Tokyo Disneyland - 4,800-7,400 yen (USD 43-68)
Ahhh, we could go on about the Disney parks in Japan for a long time. In fact, we love the Tokyo Disney parks so much that we've already published TWO guides, one for each park! So if you're visiting Disneyland and DisneySearead up and check out how you can enjoy your park visit to the fullest!
Need more convincing? Here's why you have to visit Tokyo Disneyland in 2020 ? #HHWT Tip: You'll want to check the dates of your trip as the parks can get overwhelmingly crowded during peak periods!
3. Shanghai Disneyland – RMB399 - 665 (USD59 - 98)
Being the newest Disney park in the world and the only one in China, you'll have to prepare yourself for an overwhelming crowd and long wait times for the rides. But if you're all set for this experience, don't forget to check out five of the attractions that can only be found in this Disney park!
Do note that the RMB399 price is based on an off-peak entrance ticket, but trust us, you'll want to avoid the park during the peak period.
4. Hong Kong Disneyland - HKD 619 (USD 79)
Hong Kong Disneyland may pale in comparison to its dazzling neighbours in Tokyo and Shanghai, but with exciting rides like the Iron Man Experience, we can definitely see why travellers should be planning a trip to this Disney park soon!
Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland on Facebook With the limelight currently shining on the newest Disney park in Shanghai, you can also expect shorter queues for the rides at this park. That's definitely a plus for us! If you're travelling with older parents or family members (age 65+) you might be glad to know that a senior ticket at the park is only HKD 100 (USD 12)! ? #HHWT Tip: Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the few parks to provide halal food! Download our HHWT Travel Planner app on Google Play or iTunes app store and add these halal eateries in Disneyland to your trip now ?
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5. Anaheim (California, just outside LA) Disneyland - USD 98-149
The very first Disney theme park and only park to be built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney in 1955, takes second place on the price chart.
Credit: Jackie Nell on Flickr Choose between the very first Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park, or just visit both parks for a different experience! Disneyland is where you can find the original Sleeping Beauty castle along with 8 different themed lands while Disney California Adventure Park is all Pixar lovers should definitely visit!
6. Orlando Disney World - from USD 109-129
The #1 place on every Disney fan/addict's bucket list would definitely be the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida with FOUR different theme parks! Unfortunately, the only Disney World also tops the chart as the most expensive Disney park and we're only looking at the price of a single park entrance ticket. If you're planning to visit all four parks, then you'll definitely have to save up as it could add up quite a bit. P.S. If you're a Disney megafan who's not planning to leave until you visit every ride and attraction in the four parks, consider getting a multi-day or multi-park pass that will help you save some money in the long run!
Credit: Travis Wise on Flickr Magic Kingdom is, of course, the Disney park that you absolutely cannot miss out on. With an iconic Walt Disney statue and the famous castle, you can find all of the classic and iconic Disney rides and characters in this park! The other three parks comprise of Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot, each with its own unique theme and experience. Catch thrilling stage shows at Hollywood Studios and rides featuring your favourite movies such as Star Wars, Toy Story and more!
Credit: Jonathan on Flickr Animal Kingdom is the largest theme park in the world, and as its name suggests, the central theme for this park is the natural environment and animal conservation. It's also the newest of the four Disney parks and apart from the rides in this park, you also get to meet animals from around the world! And of course, we can't leave out Epcot, the futuristic utopian city that celebrates technology and cultures from all over the world! Epcot is also the home of the new Frozen boat ride - Frozen Ever After! 6 different locations around the World and a total of TWELVE Disney parks! Which will you fall in love with? ;)