Discover The Best Of Jordan’s Islamic History With This 8D7N Itinerary


Saif-ur-Rahman •  Dec 15, 2017

If you're thinking of travelling to the Middle East for the first time, we'd highly recommend visiting Jordan! Aside from being the resting place of Prophet Muhammad's many companions, it's also home to incredibly well-preserved heritage and archaeological sites, and of course, stunning desert landscapes ?

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If you're worried that you don't have the time to plan your trip, we've got your back ? Check out our 8D7N Jordan itinerary and start booking the next flight out!

Day 1:  Arrival to Amman

  • Assalamualaikum everyone, and welcome to Jordan! Upon arrival at the airport, head over to Geneva Hotel and check-in! Refuel on the delicious dinner spread served at the hotel before exploring the nearby attractions.

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  • Do a bit of light shopping at Galleria Mall, one of the city's newest malls! Selling everything from fashionable garments to merchandise from well-known brands like Adidas, you'll be spoilt for choice.

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  • Before retiring for the night, don't forget to swing by Nafisa Sweets Seventh Circle and savour delicious local sweets! Who can resist cheesy, gooey Kanafeh? ?

Day 2: Amman – Ashabul Kahfi – City Tour

  • Start your day with breakfast at the hotel before embarking on a full-day tour of Amman.

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  •  Pay a visit to The Seven Sleepers of the Cave, also known as The Cave of the Ashabul Kahfi. Said to be the cave where several youths sought refuge from the tyrannical rulings of Roman King Daqyanoos at that time, they slept for over 300 years! After the youths passed on, they were buried in the cave along with their dog. You can even see the bones for yourself when you enter.

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  • Time to explore Amman for the day! Embark on the Amman City Tour, which covers both the ancient and modern capital of Jordan, originally built on seven hills. You'll also have the chance to ascend one of the highest hills in city – where you can have a breath-taking bird eye's view of the old city.

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  • Fulfill your prayers at King Abdullah Mosque before taking the time to visit a local madrasah. Interact with the students and participate in charitable efforts while you're there ?

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Day 3: Amman – Jerash – Ajloun

  • After a quick breakfast, transfer to the historic city of  Jerash, a short 45 minute drive away. The city's harmonious blend of the Greco-Roman world is reflected in the towering, crumbling architecture that still stands strong to this day.
  • Wander through the colonnaded streets like the Cardo Maximus before taking a breather at the ancient amphitheater. Snap pictures and marvel at the Roman ruins of churches, temples and more!

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  • Continue your adventure through pine forests and olive groves to reach your next destination, the mighty Aljoun Castle.
  • This 12th century Muslim castle is precariously perched atop Mt ‘Auf, a hill that's 1250 metres high! The castle is a bit of a walk from the main town centre (around 3 km), but trust us, the (albeit tiring) hike is so worth it!

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  • As you catch your breath, take in the stunning views of the winding Jordan Valley below ?
  • Visit a local orphanage and lend your support before having dinner and returning to the hotel in Amman.

Day 4: Amman – Madaba – Kerak - Petra

  • After breakfast, transfer south from Amman to Petra via King's Highway for a mini road trip!
  • This 335 km long highway was previously a trade route throughout the Middle East for about 500 years, but now it's a favourite driving route amongst locals and tourists alike who are keen on exploring Jordan in a whole new different way.

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  • Along the way, you'll be treated to the jaw-dropping sights of desert landscapes, rolling hills, quaint traditional towns and herds of animals lazily grazing.

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  • Make a quick pit stop at Madaba, a city's that's famous for its valuable collection of Byzantine-era mosaics. Being a relatively small city, it won't take you long to explore the compound and you can easily get around by foot.

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  • Before making your way to Petra, swing by Kerak Castle, one of the largest crusader castles in the Eastern Mediterranean. The view of the quiet city of Al-Karak surrounding the remnants of this ancient castle is truly a sight to behold!

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Day 5: Petra

  • The rose-red city of Petra awaits! Hailed as one of the new seven wonders of the world, this ancient city was hidden from the Western world until Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt stumbled upon it in 1812.
  • Petra is one of the world's most famous archaeological sites,  and for good reason ? You'll be in awe of the various tombs that have been intricately carved into pink sandstone cliffs. The ancients before us were truly architectural visionaries!

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  • The time-worn main entrance leading to the city, known as Siq, will greet you as you meander through the path. With the road being a mile long, you can opt to rent a horse or a donkey to carry you if you're not keen on walking.

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  • Must-visit sites in Petra include the Al Khazneh, one of the most elaborate temples in the city, which was originally built as a mausoleum and crypt at the beginning of the 1st century.

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  • Carved into the side of a mountain at the bottom of the High Place of Sacrifice, lies The Theatre. This massive monument could accommodate up to 4000 spectators back in the day!
  • Contrary to popular belief, this theatre was actually built by the Nabateans before the Romans took over and expanded the site further.

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Day 6:  Petra – Little Petra – Wadi Rum

  • Fasten your seatbelt for a short 10 minute drive to Al-Beidha, or better known as Little Petra! Like its namesake, this archaeological site is filled with ruins of buildings that have been carved into sandstone canyons, only on a much smaller scale and without the crowds.

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  • After walking around the site for half a day, travel south aboard a jeep to Wadi Rum, the largest wadi (or valley) in Jordan. Previously inhabited by a series of human civilisations throughout different eras in time, you'll likely see petroglyphs, or rock paintings, scattered around the valley.

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  • Arrive to the vast dessert for a hearty dinner under the stars before retiring for the night in modern Bedouin tents.

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  • Take this chance to perform your prayers under the glittery night sky ✨ A once in a lifetime experience for sure!

Day 7:  Wadi Rum – Dead Sea - Amman

  • Rise and shine! You don't want to miss seeing the spectacular sunrise gently peeking out over the horizon in the desert ?
  • Have breakfast at camp, before transferring from Wadi Rum to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea!

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  • Take a dip in one of the saltiest lakes in the world (it's almost 10 times saltier than the ocean!). Queen Cleopatra herself is said to have bathed in these very waters!
  • The best part? Because of how salty this landlocked lake is, you'll naturally end up floating instead of sinking.

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  • Waters that enter the Dead Sea evaporate and leave behind a cluster of salts and minerals that tourists can now revel in. So, why not take home a piece of the Dead Sea as a sentimental souvenir? ?

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  • Return to Amman for one last night in Jordan ?

Day 8:  Departure to Singapore

  • After breakfast, you'll have almost half the day to explore Amman or do last minute shopping. Take this time to walk around the local markets; King Talal Street for example, sells all things of Arab robes, Turkish coffee, jewelry and more.

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  • Alternatively, you can also hit up the different malls in the city like the Mecca Mall, the Airport Mall and Zara Shopping Centre.

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  • After checkout, transfer to Queen Alia International Airport and hop on your flight back to Singapore

There's so much to Jordan that's waiting to be discovered! Whether you're a history buff, shopaholic or someone who just needs a change in scenery, you'll end up leaving your heart in this historic and beautiful country ? What are you waiting for? Set off on your next adventure now!

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 This post was written by guest blogger, Uztaz Saif-ur-Rahman, the director of Alchemy of Travel Pte Ltd. Find him online at: Instagram | Facebook | Website