Dine Like A Local - Halal Food in London by Salt and Sheikh


Have Halal Will Travel •  Jun 30, 2015

Hello from London, this is Salt&Sheikh and we’ve been kindly invited by HHWT to write a post about some places in London. London is a halal food haven, every cuisine is pretty much available and most of the time you can expect really good quality food.

As a team, we thought we’d write a different post rather than our own ‘Top 5 in London” list so we are giving you something a bit more different. Our top for:

  • Comfort food
  • Family meal
  • Dinner for two
  • Quick and cheap bite
  • Burger joint

Hopefully this will give you a better idea when you’re next choosing somewhere to eat!

1. Comfort Food: Needos



For many of us, comfort food means something that reminds us of home. Needos is an authentic Indian/Pakistani restaurant. Authentic cooking as its finest. The quality of the food is good yet charging extremely manageable prices. A simple kebab roll will definitely fill up your belly and only set you back a few quid.

The large variety of things available means it can cater for nearly everyone, but if you are a bit of lightweight when it comes to chilli, make sure you order a whole lot of yoghurt!

Don’t be fooled by it’s humble exterior because on an evening you may not even be able to find a table for two. Their mango Lassi is a favourite, during exams it was full for my brain!

Unfortunately, we haven’t got a review for this place despite frequenting this place on an extremely regular basis. I guess it doesn’t need a review, we love this place.

Some other places we feel also fit into this category:

Pie Factory


2. Family Meal: Diyarbakir



A classic Turkish cuisine restaurant! The food is good and just what you need for a good pick me up. From a vegetarian option to a carnivore diet, there is a large selection. This is not a place where you will count your carb intake. The food quality is great here and everything is made fresh.

The locals frequent this place a lot, which I guess tells you a lot! It is a big venue and there’s always plenty of seating but if you go on a busy evening maybe call up beforehand and book a table.

Some other places we feel also fit into this category:

3. Dinner For Two: The Meat Co

Meat Co

The classiest steak you will have. These people know their stuff when it comes to steak. The cuisine is largely based on South African cuisine.

This restaurant takes great measures to ensure a 100% halal environment, both in the kitchen and for dining. There is a dedicated area allocated just for those who would like the halal menu. It is a perfect place if you want to treat your other half for something special and different. They also serve halal alcohol free wine.

Some other places we feel also fit into this category:


4. Quick & Cheap Bite: Lebanese Grill

Lebanese grill

Lebanese Grill is a very small take away located in Elephant & Castle. It’s not the most typical place to have a Lebanese food joint. Plus for a take away, you could never expect this quality,  nor does it have a typical ‘bland’ taste Lebanese food tends to have.

Some other places we feel also fit into this category:

5. Burger Joint: Red Iron Burgers


This is a no brainer. RIB is hands down the best halal burger in London. The food is fresh and of good quality. The place is a bit small and you may have to wait but the burgers are so worth it.

This post was written by guest blogger, Salt & Sheikh. Find them online at: Salt & Sheikh  | Instagram: @saltandsheikh  | Twitter: @saltandsheikh | Facebook

Disclaimer: The Salt & Sheikh team takes their own measures to ensure the places they visit are halal but please do confirm this for yourselves before visiting.