10 Destinations To Travel To Before Your Kid Turns 2 Years Old

10 Destinations To Travel To Before Your Kid Turns 2 Years Old


Farah Fazanna •  Nov 07, 2023

Travelling with little ones can be both a joyful and challenging experience. If you have a little one who's still below 2 years old, then you should take this time to travel as they can still enjoy a free seat on the airplane! So, pack your bags, buckle up your baby, and let's embark on these adventures!

10 cities you need to visit before your toddler turns 2 years old

1. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, a city where Europe meets Asia, is a captivating destination for young families. Its rich history, stunning architecture, and diverse culinary scene provide a unique cultural experience. When it comes to halal food, you'll find plenty of options in this bustling metropolis. Visit the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the Grand Bazaar, where you can shop for souvenirs and enjoy Turkish delights.

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2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, known for its extravagant architecture and endless entertainment, is a surprisingly family-friendly destination. With countless halal dining options and attractions tailored to children, it's a must-visit place for young families. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Aquarium, and KidZania Dubai are just some of the attractions that will captivate your child's imagination.

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3. Bali, Indonesia

For a tranquil island escape, Bali is a paradise for families. Its lush landscapes, serene beaches, and abundance of halal restaurants make it an ideal destination. You can explore cultural gems like Uluwatu Temple and experience family-friendly activities such as Bali Safari and Marine Park.

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4. Doha, Qatar

Doha, the vibrant capital of Qatar, offers a blend of modernity and tradition. Its impressive architecture, cultural heritage, and halal cuisine options make it a compelling destination for young families. Visit the Souq Waqif, Museum of Islamic Art, and take a stroll along the Corniche with your little one.

5. Marrakech, Morocco


Marrakech, a city of vibrant colours, bustling souks, and enchanting palaces, beckons to be explored with your young family. With numerous halal dining options, it's an excellent destination for those seeking a taste of Moroccan culture. Visit the Majorelle Garden, and Bahia Palace, and enjoy a traditional Moroccan meal at Jemaa el-Fnaa Square.

6. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, offers a blend of tradition and modernity. With a growing number of halal dining options, it's becoming more accommodating for Muslim families. Explore Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Seoul Tower, and take a walk along the Han River with your little one.

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7. Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo, the bustling metropolis of Japan, is a city that never sleeps. While Japan may not be known for halal food, you can still find some options, especially in larger cities like Tokyo. Explore the fascinating districts of Shibuya, and Shinjuku, and visit kid-friendly attractions like Tokyo Disneyland or Ueno Park.

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8. Sydney, Australia


Credit: Destination NSW

This vibrant city offers a world of adventure for little explorers. From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the famous Taronga Zoo, you'll find plenty of family-friendly attractions. The city's stunning beaches, like Bondi and Manly, provide the perfect backdrop for a day of sun, sea, and sand with your toddler!

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9. Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of stunning landscapes and adventures, and Auckland is a fantastic starting point for your family! Explore the Auckland Zoo, visit the interactive New Zealand Maritime Museum, and take a ferry to Waiheke Island for a relaxing day on beautiful beaches. Your little one will be mesmerised by the breathtaking scenery.

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10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city designed for strolling with little ones. Explore Vondelpark, a beautiful green space with playgrounds, and take a canal cruise for a unique perspective of the city. The NEMO Science Museum offers interactive exhibits that will spark your child's curiosity!

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Travelling with your child before they turn 2 is an opportunity to create lasting memories and introduce them to the wonders of the world. These destinations offer a mix of culture, nature, and family-friendly attractions that will make your journey an unforgettable experience. Happy travels, and enjoy the magic of exploring the world with your little one!