Deliveroo SG Just Launched A New Service That’s Perfect For Take-Out Addicts


Nasreen Nasir •  Oct 08, 2018

Too busy to cook and don’t have enough time to dine at a restaurant? If you find yourself nodding in agreement with these two, you’re most likely familiar with food delivery services. Yes, we know you love your take-outs, but what if we tell you that you can save even more with Deliveroo’s new service? ?

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That’s right, Deliveroo just launched its premium membership service that lets customers pay $10.90 monthly and enjoy unlimited FREE delivery!

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For any takeout addicts out there, this is the ultimate dream - you get to order multiple times in a month without having to pay the usual $3 delivery fee each time. Imagine the amount of money you get to save when you do that! ?

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Not only is it perfect for those who love to order in, this new Deliveroo Plus service is also great for family or friend gatherings. If you realise there isn’t enough food, you can always order again without having to pay extra on delivery fee. Trust us, a simple thing such as a delivery fee waive makes things a lot better ?

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But that’s not all – the news gets even better when you realise you’re in one of the locations that entitles you to no-minimum spend! Now, you can order something as little as a single portion of Nasi Lemak without having to worry about the minimum spend of $12 AND enjoy free delivery! You name it, anything is possible with Deliveroo Plus and we daresay it’s a joy to have such service right in our bustling neighbourhood ?

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Thought we were done? In addition to unlimited free deliveries, subscribers will also have access to exclusive promotions from various restaurants too, which will roll out gradually over the next few weeks. Tempting? We think so too!

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To kick start the service, Deliveroo Plus will be offered free for the first month to users who sign up by November, so what are you waiting for? ?