This Muslim-Owned Home Business Creates Stunning 3D Jelly Cakes For All Occasions


Ili •  Sep 01, 2020

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or an important milestone, having a cake for any special occasion is almost always a must. And while most people tend to settle for the classic double-layered sponge cake filled and covered with buttercream, others take the opportunity to try different styles, flavours and themes. If you fall in the latter, then you'll definitely be interested to know all about these 3D Jelly Cakes by DapurSutramas ?

This home-based business in KL, with an impressive feed of colourful cakes, is a labour of love by Suraya Sanusi. Once a banker, Suraya dived into the art of making 3D jelly cakes just for the fun of learning. But what started out as a simple project to be shared amongst friends soon became so much more. By the end of 2016, she began selling them and customers have been seeking out her beautiful creations since then.

Available in all kinds of sizes, pick from a range of 6 inch to 10 inch cakes that come in different shapes such as rounds and squares to even floral and doughnut-shaped moulds. And if you can't already tell, there are plenty of designs for you to choose from as well! Featuring flowers, butterflies, koi and more, whichever you decide to have on your jelly cake, you'll be guaranteed nothing but a gorgeous masterpiece ?

Besides the fact that it's a 3D jelly cake, what sets DapurSutramas apart are its unique flavours like lychee, longan, coconut pandan, melon milk with nata de coco, cincau gula melaka, sirap rose - and these are just to name a few! They're all made with natural colorings derived from flowers, fruits, vegetable seeds, beans, green tea and charcoal powder. That means you can look forward to not just a beautiful cake, but one that tastes delicious and fresh!

So if you're ready to switch things up with something unique that delivers on both aesthetics and taste, DapurSutramas should definitely be your go-to choice ?

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Order via: WhatsApp (+6019-226 7604)