Halal Cafe By Master Chef SG Runner Up Sells Singaporean Food With A Twist, Including Double Fried Battered Fries & Ayam Penyet Burger with Tofu!


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Nov 03, 2021

Foodies rejoice! ? Creatr, a Singaporean cafe run by Masterchef Singapore's runner up, is now halal-certified! ? True to the cafe's name, chef Leon Lim enjoys creating unique Singaporean dishes. From his innovative Rojak Rolls to the savoury Chilli Crab Burger, it seems there'll be something interesting for you to try every time you step into this halal cafe in Singapore. ?

Singapore's Halal Cafe, Creatr. !

Together with Three's A Crowd, this cafe in Singapore can be found in a small corner of Stirling Road. With a  cosy interior, it's simply the perfect spot for anyone who wants to chill while taking bites of delicious food!

Credit: creatr.sg on Instagram

The chef's creativity means that there's something new to try all the time! And with their new seasonal menu, you can do just that at one of the best halal cafes in Singapore ?

Credit: creatr.sg on Instagram

Have a bite of the new Ayam Penyet burger with Tofu for a taste of both crunch and soft in one bite! Made of golden crisp chicken thighs that have been marinated overnight, the flavours of the chicken balance out perfectly with the mesclun salad mix, sliced tomatoes and shredded cucumber!

Credit: creatr.sg on Instagram

To top that off, order this unique and delicious burger with a side of battered tofu and temped fries for just $19.90. Double fried and battered, dip them into Creatr.'s signature Sambal Aioli Sauce with Kaffir Lime Leaves for an extra zing of taste!

Credit: creatr.sg on Instagram

In conjunction with halal ice cream shop, Three's A Crowd, you can end off your meal with something uniquely sweet. Their Kaya and Speculoos Gelato mixes local favourite kaya with crunchy biscuit bits in order to create the perfect blend of ice sweet yet crunchy ice cream!

Also the creator of the Chilli Crab Burger, Rojak Rolls and more, this cafe is definitely something to look out for. And with a seasonal menu in place, you might just be surprised the next time you step in ?


Halal Status: Halal-Certified