3 Comfort Foods Anyone Can Whip Up Under 15 Mins When It’s Just One Of Those Days


Qistina Bumidin •  Oct 04, 2022

Picture this: it’s a long, tiring day after work, but your day hasn’t ended. Kids, housework, the list goes on and having a comforting meal that’s quick and fuss-free like the ever classic fried rice or fried chicken might be the only thing you look forward to at that moment. In comes CP Foods, which hits the spots well because fried food never disappoints. Here’s what you should stock up in your fridge!

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1. Fried rice 

It’s warm, soft and has a nurturing quality - no wonder fried rice is one of the greatest comfort foods ever! Here’s something that will amp up the comfort of your favourite dish; you don’t have to cook it at all! Just pop into the microwave for a few minutes and dig in. CP Foods is taking you around the region with 4 new flavours from their new Fried Rice series - Chilli, Kimchi, Garlic and Thai Basil!

The new Fried Rice series are manufactured in CP Foods’ Malaysia factory! Wait, there’s a factory in Malaysia? Yes! Many of you assume CP Foods is a brand from Thailand that only offers non-halal products, but that’s wrong! CP Foods has factories in Malaysia and Thailand that solely prepare halal products so you can enjoy your meals with no doubt!

If you love all things spicy, choose the Chilli option! Don’t forget to chop up some scallions to sprinkle all over and make an iced cold drink - now that’s bound to hit the spot! Still not spicy enough? You can try the Kimchi flavour - dig into this heavenly dish with a heady mix of spices! It’s not easy to find ready-made kimchi fried rice that’s halal in our local stores, and it’s great to know that when we need some Korean fried rice comfort, there’s always one just a convenience store away! 

Prefer something lower on the spicy level? This might be the essence of good fried rice: Garlic. It’s super flavourful and laced with the right amount of garlicky goodness. Sometimes, the simplest things in life can bring that much comfort and satisfaction! If you’re craving some Thai food, trust the Thais to whip up something delicious - you’ll be able to taste a rich amount of sweet and spicy flavours as you dig into the Thai Basil Fried Rice. 

The pouches may look small - but the portions are perfect for 2, so you don’t have to worry about sharing food; just worry if you can steal more of your partner’s share! <hehe emoji> Plus, if you’re wondering why your fried rice comes in such delightful pouches - that’s because CP Foods aims to make all of their plastic packaging reusable, recyclable compostable by 2030. We can see the impact of our footprints on the environment - it’s nice to know that convenience and sustainability are at the forefront of CP Foods! That’s a double benefit for us!

2. Fried chicken ribs 

There’s a reason why spicy food will forever be part of the Asian person's starter pack - it’s just that good! Try CP Signature’s Hot & Crispy Chicken Ribs because it’s better when you get an Asian company who knows how spicy we like our fried chicken ribs to be! Okay, back to the chicken: CP Signature’s Hot & Crispy Chicken Ribs are well-seasoned with high-quality spices and pepper. The result? It’s perfectly crispy and tender on the inside! 

If spicy chicken ribs aren’t your thing (hmm, are you Asian though - just kidding! Or are we?), CP Signature’s Chicken Ribs will also promise an equally delicious meal. Whether you want to pair it up with CP’s range of fried rice or just eat it as a snack, we’re sure you’ll mindlessly finish it in no time! Spice up your dinner with your choice of seasonings and sauces for that maximum comfort you crave! 

Do you know why chicken ribs (i.e. the back ribs) are chosen instead? It’s because it’s arguable the most tender and juicy part of a chicken, AND it only has one bone - so you don’t have to fumble trying to get the meaty part, or worse, literally chewing on bones solely! CP Foods covered your fried chicken cravings from one Asian to another. Plus, CP Foods is the first company outside the European Union to be certified under Assured Chicken Production (also known as Red Tractor Assurance), a poultry welfare standard from the United Kingdom. This means that the chicken is ethically sourced and free range, which makes for higher-quality, healthier meat that tastes better. 

3. Shrimp wontons

Credit: @cpfoodssg for Instagram

In every Asian culture, there’s at least one variation of dumplings we all hold on to so dearly, and one popular version that stands out is the scrumptious, juicy wontons. Shrimp wontons are tiny delights of comfort, plus they can be adapted into different dishes - add to tom yum, make it into a whole other dish with noodles as well, the options are endless! CP Foods has a wide selection of wontons that will make choosing one of the hardest decisions ever.

Do note that the entire Wonton range is halal-certified. CP Foods has multiple factories worldwide that only produce halal products to prevent cross-contamination with their other non-halal products! 

You already have had a busy day - don’t add stress by worrying about your meals with CP Foods, which promises the comfort and satisfaction you truly deserve! It’s voted Singapore’s Number 1 brand by Nielsen IQ for a reason ?

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