This Indonesian Hotel Chain Answers All Your Accommodation Needs for a Multi-city Adventure


Tiara •  Nov 13, 2020

Unlike any other country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has 34 regions and hundreds of cities that are waiting to be explored. With such a vast geographical landscape, finding a suitable hotel in Indonesia can be challenging for any traveler. Besides comfort, travelers must also take into account the price, facilities provided, accessibility, and connectivity prior to deciding their preferred accommodations. 

With many hotels in Indonesia offering similar facilities with competitive pricing, we’re here to recommend the accommodation that’ll cater to your needs! 

Perfect for city staycations, there’s no better place than the Cordela Hotels chain, and we’re here to share 8 reasons why Cordela Hotels is the ideal accommodation for your next getaway in Indonesia.

You can find it in Indonesia’s main cities

Founded by Omega Hotel Management (OHM) that has been serving travelers since 2013, The Cordela Hotel chain has 15 hotels all across Indonesia including Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Cirebon. If you happen to travel to some parts of Sumatera, you can also find Cordela Hotel in Pangkalpinang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, and Bengkulu. Check the full list of the hotel locations here.

Strategic location

Since Cordela Hotels are located  in major cities, their locations are strategic, which helps you to commute easily throughout  your trip. For instance, the Cordela Hotel Senen nestled in the middle of Kramat Raya Street which connects Central Jakarta to the northern and eastern part of the capital. With the Transjakarta bus line nearby, you can reach National Monument Park, Istiqlal Mosque, the Cathedral, and Banteng Square easily.

Another example is Grand Cordela Bandung which is located in Soekarno - Hatta Street. All you need is a few minutes drive after the exit of Buah Batu Highway. The location (that is slightly away from the center of Bandung) provides you with the access to the main attractions around Bandung (read below to see more!)-minus the mid-city traffic jam. 

If you’re staying at Cordela Hotel Kartika Dewi, it’s also a 5-minute drive from the city’s Yogyakarta Tugu Train Station.

Suitable for every budget

Cordela Hotels establishments provide numerous choices of accommodation that suits every budget, ranging from a two-star Cordela Hotel Senen to the hillside Alfa Resort in Puncak. Without compromising on Cordela’s quality of service and hospitality, Whichever one you choose, you will always have the service and comfort a la Cordela Hotel in Indonesia.

Various attractions nearby

Besides its strategic location, most Cordela Hotels are also within driving distance from various nearby attractions! If you are staying at Cordex Hotel Ancol, you can visit the city’s favorite beach attractions, the Ancol Beach where Dunia Fantasi theme park and  Seaworld Ancol await!

Staying in Grand Cordela Hotel Bandung allows you to enjoy a lot of attractions nearby too. Drive for 90 minutes and you will arrive at Ciwidey where you can enjoy a scenic landscape of Kawah Putih or wander around a tea plantation at Rancabali. When it comes to culinary adventure, you are only steps away from enticing local cuisines such as Sate Damri and kue balok.

If you spend the night in Cordela Hotel Kartika Dewi in Yogyakarta, you are only steps away from Hamzah Batik and all the festivities at Malioboro Street!

Comfort at its best

Besides the easy access to nearby attractions, Cordela Hotels guarantees comfort during your stay. We had the chance to visit Grand Cordela Bandung and have a quick look at their spacious room. A king-size spring bed, warm duvet, and fluffy pillows are ready to company you through the night at Grand Cordela Hotel Bandung. Not only is the room spacious, it also has a sofa bed that lets you rest with a good book after a long day. 

You can also admire the view of the hills and mountains right outside your window. Imagine waking up to this view everyday!

Fully facilitated

The amazing facilities at Cordela Hotel is something you’ll appreciate throughout your stay.. For  leisure travelers, an outdoor swimming pool and sun beds will definitely make your holiday even better. If you’re planning an event with a larger group, their ballrooms are ready at your service. 

From airport transfer to culinary recommendation, Cordela Hotels can arrange almost anything you need for a pleasant experience. 

Note: The pool area is still closed due to the COVID-19 measure when this article is published.

Best meals guaranteed

The delicious food in Indonesia is worth celebrating and Cordela Hotels couldn’t agree more. 

Bringing amazing local flavours to your table, there are many scrumptious dishes to enjoy. Recently, Grand Cordela Hotel Bandung launched a Nasi Liwet Set (and the HHWT team had the chance to try it!). Featuring a pot of aromatic rice steamed with bayleaf, lemongrass, shallot, and anchovy, it is served with fried chicken, salted jambal fish, tofu, tempe, with 2 kinds of sambal on the side. It’s definitely a unique treat because Nasi Liwet is something you would usually find in a traditional West Java household.

While Cordela Hotels still provide buffet breakfasts, it will be served differently to adhere to the health guidelines. You can choose the food you like and the staff will put it on your plate during buffets. Cordela Hotels also go as far as providing complete protection (we are talking about gloves, mask, and face shield) for all the kitchen staff. 

Excellent health protocols

During the challenging times of COVID-19, Cordela Hotels chain put their best effort in adhering  to the health protocol, in line with the cleanliness, healthy, and safety standards that are set by the government of Indonesia. 

The practice is not only limited to temperature checks at their single-entrance system, safe distancing markings, and partition at the reception desk. Every night, every part of the hotel is fully disinfected too. This process is also done in each room when the guest checks in and out of the hotel. Hence, you have one less thing to worry about during your stay.

If you are planning to travel to Indonesia, whether it’s for business or leisure, we recommend spending the night at one of the Cordela Hotels! Wherever No matter which  Indonesian city  your passport takes you, you will find excellent Indonesian hospitality  when you step into a Cordela Hotel. 

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This article is brought to you by Cordela Hotels.