9 Super Cool Stores That Celebrate All Things Malaysian


Cheng Sim •  Aug 26, 2020

Beyond the generic key chains and postcards, there are many cool souvenirs in Malaysia that would make perfect gifts for your loved ones (and yourself). The best part is, many of these souvenirs are designed and produced by Malaysian brands!

If you want to expand your collection of local souvenirs or surprise your friend with something cute, scroll down to see a list of super cool Malaysian souvenirs you would love to buy next. It's a great way to support local brands too!

1. Apom

Apom, which stands for A Piece Of Malaysia, is an online store that celebrates all things Malaysian. You're likely to spend a full hour browsing their website because the puns are totally relatable. You can find anything from a t-shirt that reads 'Jalan Bapak Kau' to a cap that's embroidered with the words, 'The Coolest Tauke Ever'.

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2. Loka Made

Malaysians are a creative bunch, and you can tell from the tote bags, pop-up cards, and luggage stickers you'll find at Loka Made. A Malaysian brand through and through, you'll probably add things like From Sabah, With Love luggage sticker, a Malaysia Paradise notebook or a Festival of Togetherness tote bag to your cart.

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3. Bingka KL

It's fun to browse the online catalogue on Bingka KL. Specialising in Malaysian-inspired tea towels, pouches, bags, home decor and stationery, you'll be amazed by the sheer number of details in each product. Besides going back and forth between a Rendang Loops pouch and Negaraku tea towel, it'll be hard to resist purchasing the Pineapple Tart day bag too.

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4. Salang Design

There's so much pride that goes into every single embroidery at Salang Design. Specialising in embroidery patches that revolves around Malaysian culture, some of the iron-on patches we love include Stamp Bunga Raya, Kopi, and Ketupat. If you're looking for gifts, check out their embroidered socks and tees too.

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5. Wild Hearts Clay

If you're a collector of handcrafted accessories, you may want to add Wild Hearts Clay to your list. Focusing on modern handcrafted jewellery, we love the intricate details of the Batik Vol1 Collection with designs that centre on traditional batik. You can also check out the Bunga Raya Di Pantai collection that's detailed with Malaysia's national flower, the hibiscus.


6. Knot Just Headbands

There are many ways to pull off a headband and Knot Just Headbands will show you how. A social enterprise that aims to empower lives and preserve the Block Batik production in Malaysia, all of the block batik fabrics you see are made by the local artisans in Kelantan. Since it's a multi-functional accessory that caters to both genders, you can wear it like a bandanna or style it as a hair accessory.

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7. Kedai Suza

Spearheaded by founder Izzati Suza, Malaysians can definitely relate to the t-shirt designs found on Kedai Suza. Besides shopping for a t-shirt that features the classic Gardenia bread, there are also stickers of familiar products including UHU glue, Yoko Yoko, and Chupa Chups lollipop.

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8. Pantun

Pantun believes that every pin tells a story, and we love how every single pin in their collection can tell so much. Whether it's the pin that represents your love for Ikat Tepi Teh Ais or a memory of your first car (hello, Proton!), you might leave the store with more than a pin in your cart.

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9. Home Too Much

Inspired by Malaysian culture and nostalgic childhood memories, Home Too Much pretty much represents where our heart is. It's a joy to see kopitiam tile designs turned into pocket mirrors and a printed tote bag with the words, Kuih Sera Sera. If you enjoy a good breakfast of kaya toast and dim sum, they even have a tote bag and t-shirt that match your love for it.

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If you're looking for a local brand to support, you can definitely start with these super cool Malaysian souvenirs you can buy for your loved ones (and yourself!). From Negaraku tea towels to Malaysian-inspired pins, you're going to love adding these souvenirs to your collection.