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This Is How You Can Explore Coney Island With A Friend!


Siti Zulaikha •  Jul 27, 2021


Covid-19 has all of us Singaporeans stuck in Singapore. ? Well, if you're bored with little to do this Phase 2 (HA), why not explore Singapore? Our Tribes by HHWT member, Siti Zulaikha, made the best of the Covid-19 restrictions and explored Singapore's Coney Island

Exploring Coney Island

ConeyIsland is on the other side of Singapore. For a person who stays in the west for her entire life, going to ConeyIsland may be too far to travel. However, since we cannot travel by plane, I guess going to ConeyIsland is worth the distance and make do for now. This wasn't recent but it was in March, this year. I joined a women's community organised by Asha & Co., where they have this initiative called "Sole Sister's Walk." It is for women who want to walk in groups but at the same time, still have their own space to breathe and reflect. P.S. Love hikes and walks? Check this out.
At ConeyIsland, you can rent a bicycle and ride through the island or you can take a walk instead. The pavements are shared with the cyclists and those who are walking so you have to be aware of the surroundings. Check out these awesome bicycle rental shops to help you out!
After walking for quite a distance, we sat down at one of the beach areas. I recommend beach areas C and E, for quiet time away from the crowd. We had a breakfast picnic by the beach and just enjoyed each other's company with the sound of the waves crashing. We even had an ice breaker card game to get to know each other since we are all strangers. Or spend time with with your friends along these scenic routes!
Credit: Siti Zulaikha (Photo was taken before Phase 2 HA) After that, we continued walking and went back to the main entrance where we started. To finish it off, we took photos at the main gate as a picture memory. To me, it is a nice place to unwind or in fact, a good place for photoshoots. It brings you away from the city and if you need to reset, this is the place to go to. Planning to explore more outdoor spots in Singapore? Check out our articles:

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