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7 Aesthetic Coffee Machines In Malaysia To Turn Your Home Into A Cafe (Under RM300!)


Ili •  Sep 05, 2021


Best affordable coffee machines in Malaysia 2021 

For many of us, visiting our favourite cafes for a cup of coffee is a weekly routine. There's nothing better than kicking it back in a cosy space while enjoying a satisfying sip of creamy latte or warm cappuccino. However, there are days when you just don't feel like stepping out of your home. Whether it's because of the ongoing pandemic, SOP restrictions or laziness, there's a perfect remedy to still getting your dose of caffeine - a coffee machine! Sure, you can always stick to your instant coffee but if you're ready to take things to the next level, we've rounded up a list of coffee machines you can purchase online in Malaysia that are both aesthetic and affordable ? P.S. Make sure to save these 5 easy coffee recipes for when you get your coffee machine!

1. Giselle Espresso Coffee Milk Bubble Maker Machine

  • An adjustable, stainless steam nozzle and foam system to produce fine milk foam
  • A multi-function knob to brew coffee and produce foam with a pressure relief function
  • Built-in safety relief valve to release steam when it gets too hot
Average price: RM199 Buy here

2. Edoolffe Espresso Coffee Machine

  • Brews single, double espresso, cappuccino and latte
  • Frother function adjusts level of foam on its own
  • Boiler pressure can be extracted into the coffee fat
Average price: RM192 Buy here

3. BSboss Coffee Machine Maker

  • 20 bar espresso pressure
  • Double temperature control system and overheat protection
  • Stainless steel double layer filter cup design
Average price: RM284 Buy here

4. Bear Italian Coffee Machine

  • 5 bar pressure extraction coffee to ensure strong and fine taste
  • High-pressure steam to easily make latte
  • Fine mesh filter design to ensure high quality coffee taste
Average price: RM299 Buy here

5. Moritz Espresso Coffee Machine

  • Up to 4 cups of espresso can be extracted with a capacity of 240ml
  • Convenient steam functions to easily make latte and cappuccino
  • Simple dialing for easy adjustment to steam-off-pause-extract phase
Average price: RM259 Buy here

6. Petrus Espresso Coffee Machine

  • Easy to use, one-knob control
  • 5 bar pressure with PID temperature control to ensure best taste
  • Stainless steel steam wand with adjustable steam volume
Average price: RM179 Buy here

7. INOQ Arden Espresso Machine

  • Simple and easy-to-use functions
  • Effortless cleaning, water drip tray can be removed easily
Average price: RM270 Buy here If you're a huge coffee lover or know someone who is, this list will come in handy when shopping for your very own coffee machine ☕️ Give your kitchen an upgrade with these other items: