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8 Halal Chinese New Year Catering In SG For Your CNY Parties & Gatherings


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Dec 27, 2022


Chinese New Year is just around the corner! And regardless of whether you celebrate the festival, there’s no doubt that the air will be filled with excitement during this period. If you’re looking to join in the fun with your fellow Chinese friends and co-workers who do celebrate the occasion, why not do it with a feast? HHWT has compiled a list of Halal Catering buffets that might just be perfect for your CNY gathering or dinner this 2023!
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Halal Chinese New Year Caterings

1. Rasel Catering

First up, Rasel Catering! Depending on the size and type of your event, Rasel Catering has 3 packages you can choose from - a mini buffet, bento sets or a premium CNY 4-course package.Interesting and exciting dishes that may make your mouth water are the Fried Whole Barramundi in superior soy sauce, Scallions and Orange Zest from their mini buffer Spring Delight set and Premium 4 course package and the Wok Tossed Salted Egg Tiger Prawns from their Fortune Bento B Bento set! You can even change your choice of appetiser to a Yusheng for certain sets.Rasel CateringHalal Status: Halal-CertifiedFacebook

2. BellyGood Catering 

Credit: BellyGood Caterer on FacebookThese catering sets come with an early bird promotion and a Nestle gift set with every CNY party set ordered! BellyGood Catering has 3 amazing party sets for you to test out this Chinese New Year, ranging from $268 - $348 per package. Each course serves up to 6 persons, and includes your very own Yu Sheng set! You also get a choice of the type of drink served, it’s super convenient. If that’s not enough, add on to your buffet with ala-carte options that serve up to 6 persons, such as their Country-Style Stir-Fried Mee Sua or Smoked Sliced Salmon!BellyGood Catering Halal Status: Halal-Certified Facebook

3. Chilli Api Catering 

Credit: Chilli Api Catering on FacebookIf you thought that was plenty of choices, you’re going to want to check Chilli Api Catering out. With more than 10 different catering packages for CNY, you could satisfy everyone’s palates on every different occasion!  Plus, the dishes served seem really tasty. Meat-lovers may enjoy the Nonya Meat Platter which consists of the IMPOSSIBLE Buah Kuluak Meatball, Kepiting Bak Wan Gorengan Ayam Panggang. Seafood lovers may also delight in the Seafood Assam Pedas!Chilli Api Catering has specialised 4 different sets for CNY Eve, 2 different sets for the first two days of Chinese New Year, and more. You could also choose from 3 different bento options, perfect for takeaways!Chilli Api CateringHalal Status: Halal-Certified Facebook

4. Angel’s Restaurant 

Credit: Angel’s Restaurant on FacebookLooking to enjoy an exciting Chinese New Year celebration with your colleagues? Angels Restaurant has bento sets, mini buffets and a specialised corporate menu! The corporate menu features 8 courses with over 18 menu item options for you to choose from. From the classic Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet to delightful desserts like Mango Pudding and Mini Cream Puffs, you’ll be full by the end of the meal! You can also choose to have a Fa Cai Yu Sheng as your appetiser, making it the perfect CNY meal with your team.Angel’s RestaurantHalal Status: Halal-Certified FacebookP.S. Check out how this Chinese Muslim revert celebrates Chinese New Year!

5. Delizio Catering 

Credit: Delizio Catering on FacebookLooking to spice up your Chinese New Year feast? Delizio Catering is just the place to order your buffet. Delizio offers 3 mini buffets and 2 CNY Bento sets for you to choose from, with special CNY-themed dishes! Try the Eight Treasure Chicken from the Jade Harvest Mini Buffet or Happiness Platter from the Cherry Blossom Mini Buffet for a dose of good luck! Plus, with complimentary Yu Sheng etched into the menu for their early-bird promotions, Delizio Catering’s menu sets will definitely leave your 2023 CNY gathering filled with an atmosphere of cheer.If you wish to throw a much more extravagant feast for your gathering, you also have the option of adding on ala-carte items! Delizio CateringHalal Status: Halal-CertifiedFacebook

6. Rilassi Catering 

Credit: RilassiCatering to more than just 6? Rilassi Catering’s Bento Sets and Mini Buffets might be up your alley.  Their mini feasts and bento sets come with a minimum 10 pax order and up to 18 menu item options per set! If you’re catering to your vegetarian colleagues and friends, Rilassi catering not only provides you with the option of a vegetarian package, but also vegetarian Yu Sheng options! The Mock Abalone Yu Sheng provides you with the experience of abalone that everyone loves in every Yu Sheng. Rilassi Catering Halal Status: Halal-Certified Website 

7. Katong Catering

Credit: Katong Catering on FacebookLooking for a customizable meal? Katong Catering’s got your back! Katong Cartering’s ‘Have It Your Way’ set lets you choose from 18 different menu options, including desserts! From 3 different types of prawns to 4 sides and desserts options, your meal will be both delicious and filling. You can also add on a Prospering Yu Sheng to complete your CNY meal! Katong CateringHalal Status: Halal-Certified FacebookP.S. Here are 6 CNY stories that’ll warm your heart!

8. Stamford Catering

Credit: Stamford Catering on FacebookTalk about being spoiled for choice! Stamford Catering has an astounding 17 different sets and bundles for your 2023 CNY gathering. Each different type of set or bundle also serves a different number of persons, making it very flexible for your future catering needs.The CNY Bundles and Mini Party Sets serve up to 8-10 pax, while their Gathering Sets serve 4-5 pax, making it perfect for small reunion dinners or gatherings! For larger groups, you could also go for the Mini Feasts, which serve a minimum of 8 pax. Stamford CateringHalal Status: Halal-Certified FacebookP.S. Check out these halal Chinese New Year goodies for your gatherings this year!With plenty of halal Chinese New Year catering options for your 2023 CNY gathering and reunion dinners, this Chinese New Year will be filled with joy and laughter… Not to mention filled bellies. If you’re planning your 2023 reunion dinner or gathering already, share this with your coworkers, friends and loved ones so you can have your pick of delicious CNY dishes and treats!
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