4 Activities To Look Forward To At Chingay 2022 (With Attractive Prizes To Be Won!)


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 28, 2022

P.S. Missed Chingay 2022? Watch the revised telecast on Channel 5 and Channel 8, 27 February 2022 at 7pm, and Sunday 6 March 2022 at 1pm! ?

There’s no other large-scale event, apart from National Day Parade, that truly celebrates Singapore’s unique multicultural landscape with as much liveliness and grandeur as the Chingay Parade.  ?

While it might be held during the Chinese New Year period, the vibrant displays of spectacular floats, cultural dances and stilt walkers attracts people and performances across Singapore, regardless of race or religion. This multi-sensory show that we grew up with has reached its 50th year! ??

What You Can Look Out For In Chingay50

Chingay50, themed ‘Ignite Our Dreams’ will be held at Jewel Changi Airport. This unique experience with the natural setting of the venue, special effects and interactive floor projections will be shared with audiences from all over Singapore and beyond through a live stream on TikTok, Facebook and website. Commemorating 50 years of Chingay,  you simply would not want to miss their special programmes. There’s a bunch of attractive prizes for you, so keep reading to find out more. ?

Organised by the People's Association (PA) since 1973, the Chingay Parade sees different groups and races coming together to put on a colourful display. From being wonderstruck at the colourful performing grounds, street performers in fanciful costumes, to witnessing the largest street performance and float parade in Asia, it’s equal parts nostalgic and exciting for every Singaporean. ?

1. Look Out For ‘#HeyChingay50Bus Around Our Island

Commuting to work getting a little mundane? ? Now you have something to look forward to in your work. Those Chingay floats we love may not be here again this year, but these pretty #HeyChingay50Bus definitely makes up for it! There are 20 buses fully wrapped with 14 different Chingay themed designs inside and outside of the bus. 

If you spot a #HeyChingay50Bus, snap a picture of it and post on your Facebook/Instagram public post/account and hashtag #OurChingay50 #ChingaySG2022 #HeyChingay50Bus and you stand to win attractive prizes! If you happen to board any of these #HeyChingay50Bus, spot for ‘Dreamy’, scan the QR code on it and win promo codes instantly. Who doesn't love discounts, right?! ?

This campaign has started on the 25th of January, so start hunting these buses!

2. Relive Nostalgic Days Of Visiting Mama Shops But With A Modern Twist

Hands up if you still have fond memories of your younger days patronizing mama shops for sweet treats! It truly is a part of our cultural heritage and is being kept alive here at Chingay MamaShop. ?

It is a one-stop online collection of local designers or merchants and social enterprises hosted on Lazada where the public can buy products preferably with local flavours that are designed or made in Singapore to support local businesses and contribute to social and charitable causes. Join in the LazLive sessions below to purchase whatever you’re looking for while doing your part for our community! ?

Session timings:

5 February 2022, 3-4pm

10 February 2022, 1-2pm

26 February 2022, 3-4pm

7 March 2022, 1-2pm

3. 50 Years Of Chingay Through The Eyes Of 50 Participants Of All Races And Religions 

Chingay is commemorating its 50th anniversary, and there are five decades worth of amazing, memorable and fun stories, which are meant to reminisce about your good ol’ days. Performers, volunteers, audiences, crew members and even community partners have come together to share their memories and experiences through 50 stories anchored on the Chingay50 theme "Ignite our Dreams". 

From stories of performers who participated in the first Chingay parade in 1973, to first-time performers at Chingay50 show this year, it truly is a reflection of our multicultural nature where we come together despite any differences and give it our all for a parade as one Singapore. You’ll also get the secrets behind this ever-popular parade! It’s on their website, so check it out here

4. Host A Watch Party With Your Loved Ones And Win Prizes

We can’t watch Chingay50 show in person, but the glorious event can still be watched at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are! And the excitement level is definitely going to keep the same with a Chingay Watch Party. There are only 5 steps for you to make sure you win big prizes (isn't Chingay all about go big or go home? ?). 

Firstly, register as a Host of the Watch party by 12 pm on 12 February 2022. Next up, select your preferred platform, either physically or virtually. Gather your family and friends but do note to keep in accordance with Safe Management Measures! Catch the show on 12 February 2022 at 8 pm on Facebook, TikTok or the website. Take as many photos, screenshots and videos of you and your loved ones watching and enjoying the show, and send it to +65 8882 1004 by 11 pm on 12 February 2022!

Still not convinced? Perhaps these $7,500 worth of vouchers as prizes might. While partaking in the fun, you’re actually doing it for a good cause. $10,000 worth of vouchers will be pledged for the underprivileged families, if at least 20,000 viewers are watching the show on 12 Feb 2022, between 8 pm to 9.30 pm! 

Are you excited, because we are! If you need more information, check out Chingay’s website and their social media accounts. Bring those laptops, phones, and your best smiles because it’s going to be an epic event you’ll never forget! ?

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