JUST IN: This New Chinese Stall Uses Halal Ingredients In Their Delicious Chicken Collagen Broth Noodles


Qistina Bumidin •  Dec 08, 2021

You’ve probably heard of how good collagen is towards our skin and our overall health as well. Now, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of chicken collagen broth made from halal-certified ingredients at DumPrince Dumpling House that’s equally tasty and healthy!

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New Chinese Stall In Chinatown Sells Dumpling Noodles In Chicken Collagen Broth Made From Halal-Certified Ingredients

Formerly known as Kure Menya, a modern Japanese fusion ramen stall located at Frasers’ Tower, founder and head chef, Chef Boon has changed the concept to Chinese noodles instead. But not to worry, their speciality chicken collagen broth is still kept! We spoke to Chef Boon to find out more of his new exciting venture. He told us that running the stall by himself has made it difficult to attain a Halal Certificate for now, because he is unable to reach the minimum head count needed for the application. Applying for the certificate, though, will be his first priority when the store expands. 

He also stressed on the use of only ingredients from halal-certified suppliers. He aims to cook dishes for everyone, regardless of their dietary needs, to enjoy some slurp-worthy noodles! Chef Boon focuses on serving food only made from scratch, so you won’t get that authentic, delish taste elsewhere! If you’re still undecided, perhaps these tantalising photos would help ?.

Chicken dumpling noodles with collagen broth. Credit: @dumprince.sg for Instagram

Chicken meatball noodles with collagen broth. Credit: @dumprince.sg for Instagram

Prawn dumpling noodles with collagen broth. Credit: @dumprince.sg for Instagram

The collagen broth will be prepared the exact way it was as Kure Menya: meticulously boiled for 8 hours to get that milky texture. It’s almost like eating Ayam-Ya (one of the best halal ramen in Japan!) but with a modern and unique twist! You have to pay an additional $2 for their collagen base, setting you back $8.90 a meal, but for a hearty meal, it really is affordable ?!

You can also try the clear soup, but aren’t we all here for Chef Boon’s chicken collagen broth specialty? You can also choose between two choices of noodles: hand pulled noodles or thick bee hoon. For the accompanying meat options, choose between the chicken meatball, prawn or chicken dumpling. One dish you wouldn't want to miss though is their signature dish, the chicken dumpling noodles with collagen broth. Look at the runny egg yolk, the stuffed chicken dumplings and the milky soup. Wait, are we in China right now?!

Deep fried dumplings (prawn/chicken). Credit: @dumprince.sg for Instagram

Sichuan Spicy Dumplings. Credit: @dumprince.sg for Instagram

Their dumplings are also something that should not be missed! For those looking for lighter but filling meals, simply eating their dumplings would do just the trick. Chef Boon shares that these dumplings are painstakingly made from scratch to allow him to control and retain the juiciness of the dumplings. Choose either a prawn or chicken filling, and pick your favourite way to savour these little balls of delight: boiled, pan-fried or deep-fried. Try the Sichuan Spicy dumplings if you’re up to level up your spice game. Have you changed your mind now ??

Check out a sneak peek of what they will offer!

Credit: @kuremenya for Instagram

The store will open on the 14th of December at Chinatown Point, at 3pm. Only walk-ins are allowed, so come down early for your lunch or dinner plans! You can check out these Instagram pages @kuremenya or @dumprince.sg for more upcoming news. 

P.S. It's not the end of Kure Menya just yet ?

Halal status: All ingredients are from halal-certified suppliers, eatery is not halal-certified as the founder is unable to reach the minimum head count needed for the application. Applying for the halal certificate will be his first priority when the store expands. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.

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