Ready To Go To Bali? Here Are The 6 Checkpoints Singaporeans Must Go Through To Enter Indonesia


Tiara •  Sep 20, 2021

Can I travel to Indonesia right now?

According to the local authority update, only the special permit holders can travel to Indonesia. However, plans and talks about Bali reopening for international travelers are getting closer than ever with the Covid-19 cases in Indonesia keep decreasing over time. Hopefully, Bali will be ready to welcome international tourists again within months.

There are two scenarios for the reopening, the first one is in October and the second one is in November. This reopening plan will be prioritized for travelers from countries that managed to control the spread of the virus within their country, and that including Singapore!

Before you book your flight and make a reservation for your dream resort in Bali, check out the checkpoints and the procedure you must follow to enter Indonesia right now.

Checkpoint 1

Every passenger entering Indonesia from Soekarno Hatta International Airport must wait at the holding area while being registered according to the categorization. This registration is determining in which group you belong to before proceeding to the next step.

Checkpoint 2

All passengers will proceed to the next area for health document verification by the Ministry of Health's representative. The documents that need to be verified are including the vaccine certificate, international digital health alert card, PCR test result from the home country, and other required documents. In this process, the passenger also will be classified to determine the quarantine location.

Checkpoint 3

After that, all passengers will go through a PCR test that is located within the International Arrival Area in Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The test is done by the local health facilities and the expenses shall be paid by the individuals.

Checkpoint 4

Once the PCR test result is done, all passengers must go through the immigration and customs procedures as usual.

Checkpoint 5

The passengers once again shall wait in the holding room to prepare for their quarantine process. the PCR test result will also be distributed to individuals at this point. They will be taken care of by the Covid-19 special forces along this process.

Checkpoint 6

All passengers are moving to the dedicated vehicle that will take them to the quarantine location that is pointed by the Indonesian government. the quarantine will be 8 days long and the expenses will be paid by the individuals.

Hence, travelers must go through 3 PCR tests, 6 checkpoints, and 8 days of quarantine before they can do their activities in Indonesia. If any of the PCR test results come out positive, there will be further treatment from the Indonesian health officials.

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