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5 Best Online Shops For Affordable Baju Melayu In Malaysia (Below RM150!)


Cheng Sim •  Mar 06, 2021


Available in a wide range of prints and patterns, shopping for Baju Melayu is easy in Malaysia. However, as we brave through the current situation, you might be hesitant to visit your favourite store to shop for Baju Melayu. Don't worry, the next best thing is to shop online! Whether you're looking for traditional or modern designs, we're here to share the best online shops to buy cheap Baju Melayu in Malaysia!
1. Kamdar
If you're waiting for the situation to get better before making your way to a Kamdar store near you, you can still shop for Baju Melayu online. While the men's collection primarily consists of Baju Melayu Cekak Musang, this traditional attire is available in green, navy, maroon, and more colours to suit your style. Average price: Starts at RM70 Shop nowWebsiteFacebook | Instagram
2. EJ Style
Look your best during Hari Raya Aidilfitri with a Baju Melayu from EJ Style. If you want to keep your budget below RM150, check out Baju Melayu Al-Fatteh that is made from Toyobo Cotton. Featuring a classic design complete with Cekak Musang collar, you'll definitely look and feel your best during the festive season. Average price: Starts at RM139 Shop now: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram
3. Jakel
Jakel is a homegrown brand that's no stranger to celebrity fashion collaborations. While most of their Baju Melayu collaborations, such as the ones partnered with comedian Nabil Ahmad as well as actors Awal Ashaari and Hairul Azreen, are pricey, you can opt for Baju Melayu from Aaron Aziz collection that comes complete with a traditional sampin - and they're currently priced at RM149 per set on their website. Average price: Starts at RM149 Shop nowWebsiteFacebook | Instagram
4. Aremyda
Aremyda may be a local dropshipping platform in Malaysia, but you can find affordable Baju Melayu amid a sea of colourful Muslimah wear on their Instagram page. This year, they've released a slim fit Baju Melayu collection where the attire is detailed with a chest pocket and Cekak Musang collar. Average price: Starts at RM99 Shop now: Instagram
ALLURE is another dropshipping platform in Malaysia that also sells Baju Melayu that's perfect for the festive season. Browse their Instagram page and you're likely to spot affordable Baju Melayu from the Aduka and Jibrael collection. Besides that, ALLURE also sells matching father-son design, which makes pairing so much easier during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Average price: Starts at RM110 Shop now: Instagram If you're looking for cheap Baju Melayu in Malaysia, we hope this shopping guide will help you to find what you're looking for! For more recommendations, check out online shops in Malaysia to get Raya clothes (for every budget)!