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5 Online Shops For Affordable Baju Kurung In Malaysia (Below RM100!)


Cheng Sim •  Mar 05, 2021


Baju kurung is a popular wardrobe staple among Muslimahs in Malaysia. Besides the modest silhouette and comfortable design, it also comes in a variety of prints and shades to match any occasion. If that occasion is Hari Raya Aidilfitri and you're planning to shop for a new baju raya, we're here to share the best online shops in Malaysia for cheap baju kurung - and they're all less than RM100!
1. Kamdar
If you're waiting for the situation in Malaysia to get better before stepping into a Kamdar store, you can still shop for beautiful Raya clothes online. Check out this year's Raya collection that includes baju kurung pesak, kurung pahang, and kurung modern. Some pieces also have a matching mother-daughter design, which makes Raya pairing so much easier! Average price: RM80-RM100 Shop nowWebsiteFacebook | Instagram
2. Delima Exclusive
Seek and you shall find more affordable baju kurung at Delima Exclusive. Similar to other online stores, they offer a variety of baju raya in different styles and colours. You can spot good deals easily on their Instagram page including the popular kurung pahang, floral kurung modern, and kurung with batik pario. Average price: RM69-RM130 Shop nowWebsiteFacebook | Instagram
3. Jakel
Jakel may be known for its wide range of fabrics, curtains, and cushion cases, but this homegrown brand also sells ready-to-wear Raya selections for women. Every Raya, you can expect celebrity fashion collaboration from Jakel and this time around, they've partnered up with celebrities Hanis Zalika and Ayda Jebat. Average price: RM59-RM99 (depending on design) Shop nowWebsiteFacebook | Instagram
4. IMAAN Boutique
Based in Kuala Lumpur, IMAAN Boutique is another online store to get affordable baju kurung in Malaysia. While some of their baju kurungs are priced above RM100, do check out their Happy Hour page where you can score two pieces for RM150 and they're mostly in floral prints. The online store also sells hijab and other accessories, so you can complete your look in a single purchase. Average price: RM99 Shop nowWebsiteFacebook | Instagram
5. Kurung Station
Wrapping up our list of places to shop for cheap baju kurungs in Malaysia is Kurung Station. Whether you love soft pastel shades or modern baju kurung design, you might find a piece that appeals to you. Don't worry, the prices won't hurt your bank account too! Average price: RM99 Shop now: Instagram If you're looking for online shops to buy cheap baju kurungs in Malaysia, we hope you'll find a wonderful piece for this year's Raya festivity. For more recommendations, check out online shops in Malaysia to get Raya clothes (for every budget)!