Catch The Magnificent Aurora Australis At These 5 Spots


Mikelle Leow  •  Jan 12, 2017


The Northern Lights might be all the rage, but their lesser-known cousin in known to be even more colourful (and arguably, more beautiful ☺️). Though it's a tad out-of-reach, as much of the South Pole is encircled by water and ice, this does not mean your bucket list journey has to go south. It just makes the beauty even more untouched and the wilderness more real - making it a truly magical experience! Credit: giphy Prepare to be blown away by the beautiful Aurora Australis!
1. Tasmania, Australia
15-tasmania-tulips-min Credit: @leannemarshall on Instagram Away from city and light pollution, Tasmania is an ideal location to view the Southern Lights! It’s rife with vast, open, spaces where you can observe the Lights without obstructions overhead. 16-tasmania-hartz-mountain-min Credit: @shaunmittwollen on Instagram Best time to visit: July to September Location: Tasmania, Australia
2. Stewart Island, New Zealand
17-stewart-island-min Credit: @the_curious_kiwi on Instagram With clear skies and a scarce population, you’ll have no trouble looking for a secluded viewing spot in Stewart Island. Much of the island area is a national park, so grab your camera and get ready to take sky-high quality landscape shots! 18-stewart-island-up-close-min Credit: @nz_my_happyplace on Instagram Best time to visit: March to September Location: Stewart Island / Rakiura, Southland 9818, NewZealand
3. South Georgia, New Zealand
19-south-georgia-landscape-min Credit: @rodolfovenancio on Instagram South Georgia is the southernmost destination for less serious voyagers or backpackers to visit, making it an ideal Aurora Australis hot, er, cold-spot. The island is coated with ice from the sea almost all year round and is home to many bird species and marine wildlife but few permanent residents. Credit: @newzealandlandscapes on Instagram The journey to South Georgia can get arduous, and the only way to get there is by cruise or boat. Even boatmen with the surliest sea legs get seasick crossing over to the island. Suffice to say, South Georgia isn’t frequented by tourists, offering plenty of isolated space to catch the Lights. Best time to visit: March Location: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
4. Ushuaia, Argentina
21-ushuaia-min Credit: @natitalo on Instagram For more accessibility with amazing outdoor and sightseeing options should the Lights give a no-show, Ushuaia is the place to go! Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world. It’s blessed with scenic views and a contrasting bustling business hub, being at the edge of the world. 22-ushuaia-weather-min Credit: @devlin_gandy on InstagramThe weather in Ushuaia can get a little tricky. If the Southern Lights do shy away from the clouds, trynot to also blush at the alluring outdoor options the city offers, which include sailing, hiking, and scuba diving!Best time to visit: June to August Location: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina
5. South Pole, Antarctica
23-south-pole-antarctica-min Credit: anta0159 on Flickr By now, we should know, that the more south we go, the more the Aurora Australis will show. Where else, then, to catch the Southern Lights than at the elusive South Pole? The South Pole is the home of the Lights, and it almost seems as if they’re more comfortable in their home. Sightings here are vibrant, active, and extraordinary! The catch is that Antarctica isn’t the friendliest place to travel to, with slippery ice and erratic winds abound. And if you thought the cold never bothered you anyway, temperatures can drop below -80 degrees Celsius. For some, visiting the South Pole checks two things off their bucket lists! Best time to visit: March to September Location: Antarctica 24-south-pole-antartica-2-min Credit: @adamungar on Instagram Chasing the light requires a substantial amount of time, effort, planning and a lotof prayer! But once you experience it, you'd feel as though all that hard work was nothing compared to the beauty of the lights 😊 [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450"width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/1159?type=poll"][/iframe]