NEW: Casuarina Curry In Singapore Has An All-You-Can Eat Prata Buffet For Only $8.90


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jul 28, 2022

The beautiful thing about prata is that it can be eaten at any time of the day for breakfast, lunch or dinner! This versatile dish is one that’s loved and celebrated by both locals and tourists alike. If you or someone you know LOVES prata, don’t miss this opportunity to take them to Casuarina Curry in Singapore for their all-you-can-eat prata buffet!

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From now till 29 July 2022, Casuarina Curry is having a prata buffet exclusively at their MacPherson outlet from 3PM-6PM for ONLY $8.90! This is your chance to feast on all the kinds of prata you’ve ever wanted to eat for 90 minutes.

Featuring a variety of traditional pratas, including Kosong Prata, Paper Prata, Egg Prata, Paper Prata, Garlic Prata, and Plaster Prata this buffet is sure to please the prata lover in you! ? Also available on the menu will be Casuarina Curry's Prata Delights like Double Egg, Double Egg Cheese, Egg Onion, Garlic Cheese, Egg Mushroom, Egg Sausage, and much more. There’s even Chocolate prata to help you balance out all that savoury goodness! ?

But there’s a catch to this all-you-can-eat, a maximum of two pratas can be ordered at a single time, and wastage will be charged at the original price of the dish. So, be sure to order consciously and only as much as you can eat to avoid having to pay a wastage fee! ? Casuarina Curry’s traditional a la carte prata prices start from $1.30, while their more unique and premium prata start from $3.50.

The restaurant also serves freshly made thosai, briyani, uttapam, and seafood dishes if you aren't in the mood for prata! Don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family and take them to Casuarina Curry’s MacPherson outlet to enjoy unlimited prata for a reasonable price. ?

Casuarina Curry

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