6 Best Types Of Carry-Ons For Every Kind Of Traveller (With Recommendations!)


Syahirah Mazlan •  Jul 26, 2022

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right carry-on bag for you when travelling. Everyone has their own needs and preferences! ? Carry-ons for the plane may be unique to everybody and we all travel for different reasons and purposes so with that in mind, we’ve gathered 8 best types of carry-ons for every kind of traveller!

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1. Weekend bags

Credit: Unsplash

Some of us like to have a bag that we can easily reach into when we need to look for something. Weekend duffel bags are perfect because they let you keep essentials within sight. ?You can put them down and pick them up easily, the straps can be zipped into the bag so it’s not dangling and they’re shaped in a way that lets them stand on their own. 

Weekend bags are also great for people who worry about their valuables a lot. ?You can simply unzip the bag and double (or triple) check that you have everything with you! Not to mention, the mouth of the bag is pretty wide, so while on the plane, you can easily find what you need without much rummaging. Worry wart, this is the bag for you!

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2. Hard case carry-on luggage

If you prefer to wheel your carry-on aboard the plane, then you may want to consider a hard case carry-on luggage which are typically easier to maintain and clean because you can simply wipe off any residue or stains and call it a day! ? Most of the time, these hard cases are waterproof and can protect whatever its content is because of their hard protective shell. However, there are some cons to these kinds of bags too - they’re not able to fit into tight spaces and have limited storage capacity.

Because of this, hard case carry-on luggage are recommended for travels to countries that are more rugged or have a tropical and wet environment.

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  • Urbanlite RUBIK 20 inch by Universal Traveller

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  • Delsey Clavel Double 4 Wheel

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  • Vita Small Carry-On by Lojel

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3. Soft case carry-on luggage

Credit: Unsplash

The opposite of a hard case is a soft one and its a popular choice amongst travellers with children because these carry-ons can come with multiple pockets on the outside - ideal for keeping toys, emergency diapers and more! ?Soft case luggage are more flexible so they’re easier to fit into small spaces (and squeeze more items in). However, it does end up absorbing smells and getting stains more easily.

  • Kamiliant by American Tourister Pontos CLX

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  • American Tourister Clayton Spinner

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4. Tote bags

Gaining popularity as we speak, tote bags are very popular as carry-on regardless of the distance travelled. By far the most fashionable and easily available, tote bags are also versatile for taking airport photos with family and friends because they just blend into the photo. ? You can always pair them with any outfit, and they don’t just follow you to the airport, they’re stylish enough to accompany you throughout your trip! The only downside would be that the weight might put a strain on your shoulder as you carry it around the airport or during your vacation and some don’t usually come with a zipper which is dangerous for your valuables. ?

  • Samsonite Foldaway Packable Tote Sling Bag

Credit: Amazon

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  • Bellroy Tokyo Totes 

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5. Backpacks

Nothing beats the classic backpack when travelling, especially when navigating a crowded airport or shimmying down the narrow aisle of the plane! ?It’s easy to carry, comes in many variations and styles to suit your needs and can double up as a day bag once you reach your destination. However, since they’re made of fabric, most of them tend to absorb sweat and smells rather quickly. The mouth of the bag is also small and makes it difficult to find items, especially when the lights on the plane are dim. The pockets and ability to fit under the airoplane seat in front of you make up for its flaws though! 

  • Jansport Backpack

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  • Nike Heritage Backpack

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  • Timbuk2 Backpack

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6. Bonus: Kid-friendly carry-ons

If you want your kids to be comfortable during their flight, you might want to pack a carry-on for them with everything they need inside it so you don’t have to rummage through your own bag for kids' snacks or blankets. ?We’ve found one that’s practical and also doubles up as a wedge so you can let your kids lie down on the plane!

STOKKE JetKids Traveller’s Luggage

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There you have it, 6 types of carry-ons for every kind of traveller! Remember, these are not a definite solution to what you may need when travelling but more of a guide for you to explore more options. ?SHARE this with your loved ones and anyone travelling soon to give them some inspiration!