If you’ve been following us, you’d probably know that in January, we covered about JB’s upcoming indoor theme park 😉 Well, 9 months have passed and it’s finally opening on October 17th! 😱

Credit: Giphy

Sure, Malaysia has its fair share of shopping malls, but a shopping mall AND a theme park in one building? Now, that’s a treat! 😍

Credit: Design Capital 21

Believe it or not, this will be the largest theme park in Southeast Asia. The best part? It’s only 30 mins away from Singapore! 😱

Credit: Capital 21 on Facebook

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Movie Planet

Credit: Capital 21 on Facebook

The Movie Planet will literally bring your favourite films to life like Transformers, Dinosaur World and Haunted House through the wonders of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Imagine being chased by dinosaurs, battling robots and walking through a haunted house – how’s that for an adrenaline-fueled start to your experience? 😉

2. Cartoon Planet

Credit: Capital City on Facebook

Families with kids, don’t worry! They’re not leaving you behind 😛 Like the Movie Planet, Cartoon Planet also uses the same AR and VR concepts where it brings your little ones to an edutainment playland, so they can expect to see their favourite cartoon characters come to life like Tom & Jerry 😄

3. Music Planet

Credit: Capital 21 on Facebook

If you’re not up for some thrill rides or animation, you can witness world-class performances at Music Planet. Said to be the brainchild of The Great British Circus, this section will bring you circus, theatrical and music performances live on stage.

Credit: Capital City on Facebook

4. 5 destinations in 1 place

Credit: Capital 21 on Facebook

The mall’s retail section will be divided into different floors – each with its own thematic zone! Now you can experience a taste of Europe, or even America without having to travel too far 😉

Credit: Capital 21 on Facebook

If you’ve been to Terminal 21 in Bangkok, this is similar but hopefully better! 😌 Excited to visit the mall? Clear your schedules next weekend because we’re 5 days away from its official opening! 😎

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