Can You Take The Covid-19 Vaccine While Fasting?


Faruq Senin •  Mar 21, 2021

With the fasting month approaching in a few weeks’ time and several countries rolling out Covid-19 vaccinations, many of you might be wondering, "Can I take the Covid-19 vaccine while fasting?" To help you out, we've rounded up these questions and answers that you might have regarding the issue. 

1. Will taking the Covid-19 vaccine invalidate your fast?

According to Singapore's Office of Mufti, taking the Covid-19 vaccine during fasting will not invalidate your fast as it does not pass through any opening of your body but is injected intramuscularly instead. It is also not any type of food or drink that satisfies one's hunger or provide nourishment so it won't invalidate the fast.

Religious leaders of other countries like Kelantan's Mufti, Indonesia's Islamic religious body, MUI and the Grand Mufti of Dubai have also mentioned that the Covid-19 vaccine does not invalidate one's fast. Medical experts from the UK and the Middle East also support this opinion.

2. Is it safe to take the Covid-19 vaccine while fasting?

If you're concerned about the side effects of taking the Covid-19 vaccine while fasting, there's little to worry about too. According to a report by Gulf News, doctors in the UAE have mentioned that the body has an excellent immune response to the vaccine while fasting and there are no added side effects. In fact, it's twice as effective when you take the vaccine while fasting. That's because when you're fasting, the body clears out all the toxins in your body, making your immune system more sensitive and effective.

If you're worried about the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine like sore arms, headaches or fever, some medical experts advise taking the vaccine a few hours before iftar. That way, you can replenish your energy and have a better rest.

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3. Can you take the Covid-19 nasal swab while fasting?

Yes, you can take the Covid-19 nasal swab test while fasting. Singapore's Office of Mufti has mentioned that the nasal swab test is allowed during fasting as it's not food or drinks. This is also the opinion held by many Islamic jurists. Furthermore, the swab test is to limit transmission of the virus and safeguard the community, so it is highly encouraged.

As the Covid-19 vaccinations are being rolled out during the fasting month, many Islamic scholars and religious bodies are encouraging Muslims to take the vaccine as soon as possible as they are eligible. Have you taken your Covid-19 vaccine? Share your experience with us in the comments section!