Camping In Singapore: How To Apply For Permit & List Of Camping Spots


Faruq Senin •  Jan 19, 2021

If you haven't heard, campsites in Singapore's parks (including Pulau Ubin) and BBQ pits will be reopening from 20 January 2021! Bookings have also opened since 13 January 2021. Since we're all travel-deprived now, why not have an adventure by going camping in Singapore? If you're wondering how to apply for camping permits and where to go camping, we've got you covered with this guide!

Safe distancing measures for BBQ pits and camping in Singapore

As part of safe distancing measures, the number of campers is limited to 6 people per permit and a distance of 5 metres between camping tents are needed. Campers from different tents are also not allowed to intermingle.

As for BBQ pits, a group size of 8 people needs to be adhered to and all BBQ activities will need to stop by 10.30PM.

Do check the NParks noticeboard for any updates on the measures.

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Credit: NParks

How to apply for a camping permit

To book your camping permit or BBQ pit slot, you can submit your application via AXS. Here are the two links for camping permits and BBQ pits:

All you have to do is choose your preferred date and the area that you're interested in camping. Camping permits are also free. Do note that once you have booked your permit, you are not allowed to cancel or change the date of the application. The maximum number of days allowed for camping is also 4 per month. For BBQ pits, there's a charge of $16 or more for each pit.

If you're interested to camp in Pulau Ubin instead, you will need to fill up this form instead. Do note that you are required to apply for a camping permit 2 weeks in advance and the earliest you can book is 2 months in advance.

Where to camp in Singapore

Now, you must be wondering where to go camping in Singapore? Only half of Singapore's campsites are currently open and here's where you can go:

  • East Coast Park - Area D and Area G
  • Pasir Ris Park - Area 1 and Area 3
  • West Coast Park - Designated area within Area 3

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For those who are more adventurous, Pulau Ubin is a great place for camping! Here are the spots where you can go to:

  • Jelutong Campsite - Zone A/B
  • Jelutong Campsite - Zone C/D
  • Mamam Campsite 
  • Endut Senin Campsite

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