Calli Ice Cream: Indulge In This Halal Low-Calorie Ice Cream With Flavours Like Earl Grey, Caramel, Matcha (& More!)


Desi Erni •  Aug 31, 2021

Grab a scoop and dip into this pint of Calli ice cream if you are searching for a low-calorie, gluten-free and high in protein to indulge. If you're finding halal ice cream which is yummy yet healthy, then Calli ice cream is for you!

Calli ice cream - halal ice cream which is low in calorie and gluten-free

Calli is short for "low-calorie" which was established by Dzarrin Alidin and Nathaniel Loe which now caters to both the Malaysian and Singaporean markets. Calli comes with a low-calorie ice cream that contains less than 100 calories per serve (or less than 400 calories per pint). That is nearly a third of the calories as compared to other ice cream brands!

Calli’s team is now working on acquiring halal certification. Calli ice cream is completely vegetarian, alcohol-free, and free of additives. They are created and produced in a Malaysian halal-certified facility.

Calli ice cream's Earl Grey Teh and Caramel by the Sea

My first experience having 'Caramel By The Sea' was rich in flavour. The caramelized sugar is complemented with fine sea salt. The 'Earl Grey Teh' is satisfying! It was not too sweet, yet it was still light and tasty. Best to indulge in the ice creams without worrying about the calories! Keep Calli's suggested storage temperature at -18°C.

Their Classic Flavours include:

- Earl Grey Teh

- Caramel By The Sea

- Chock Me Up Buttercup

- Choc-A-Lot

- Durian Durian

- Ooh La La Vanilla

- Strawberry Fields

Their Dairy-Free flavours include:

- Cocoachella

- So Matcha Better

- Take Me to Cocomo

- Mango Van Gogh

In August, part of Calli’s proceeds also went to an organization called ‘Happy Bank’ which aims to feed those underprivileged families in Malaysia :)

Credit: Calli on Facebook

You can get your hands on each pint for $14.90. Other bundle sets include 4 popsicle pops for $23.90, 4 pick-and-mix pints for $49.90, 8 mix and match pints for $95 and 12 popsicle pops for $69.90!

Credit: @eatcalli.sg on Instagram

Calli is also having a Limited-edition collaboration of Calli x Gryphon® Tea Co.’s Bundles. It comes with a pint of ice cream and a sparkling tea for $34.90!

Calli ice cream is available for purchase through their website, Fairprice Finest, Fairprice Xtra and Cold Storage. Check this out for the list of places to get your Calli ice cream.

Cold Storage is also currently running a promotion where you can get two pints for $21.90!

Get scooping!

Calli Ice Cream

Halal status: Halal-certified ingredients in Malaysia

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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