Enjoy Halal Creme Brulee, Eclairs & More From This Cherating Cafe Owned By A French-Muslim Chef


Ili •  Sep 09, 2021

[Updated on 4 December 2021]

When people think of Pahang, Kuantan often pops up in mind, with many heading to the capital city of this state to enjoy the beaches, food, and general vibe. But another gem that's not that far away has to be Cherating! Known for being a quieter resort town, it's the perfect location if you're looking to escape the crowds. Plus, it has various hidden gems that should be on your radar including halal French cafe, Café Marion.

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Halal French cafe in Cherating, Pahang

Credit: @cafe.marion on Instagram

Owned by French Muslim chef, Marion Fernandez and her Malaysian husband Khairil, the cafe made its debut back in December 2019. It's located only a 2-minute drive from the Royal Chulan Cherating Chalet - so if you're staying here on your holiday, make it your mission to drop by the cafe for a range of mouthwatering French pastries and desserts!

Credit: @amirhmzn_ on Instagram

Anyone who's a fan of chocolate should have a taste of their chocolate eclairs or chocolate tarts made with a buttery crust and intense chocolate ganache. For something on the fruitier side, treat yourself to strawberry tarts and lemon meringue tarts. Prefer savoury flavours? The French Croque Monsieur - a French sandwich made with beef bacon and cheese, should be right up your alley ?

Credit: @cafe.marion on Instagram

Since this cafe started trending in September 2021 and the number of customers are increasing, they've introduced a number system and each customer is allowed to only buy up to 5 pieces of desserts only! This system would also help them to predict their sold out so if you're planning to head over to Cafe Marion, do come early as they hand out the numbers 10 minutes before they open.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Thu-Mon: 1PM -7PM, Fri: 2.30PM-7PM (closed on Tuesday and Wednesday)

Address: 1011, Jalan Kampung Cherating Lama, Kampung Cherating, 26080 Balok, Pahang, Malaysia